Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's Baby Month!!!

So excited that October is FINALLY here (okay, well, in about an hour)! I feel like I have been waiting all year for this month to arrive and now I want to soak up every minute each 31 days has to offer.

Of course I am over-the-top excited because October is baby month for us and even though we will be busy learning how to be the best we can be as parents (with as little sleep as possible), we will also be spending quality time together as a family. I am really thankful that Aaron will get two weeks off of work and that we will be able to embrace this new blessing in our lives together as a family :)

Autumn is also my favorite season of the year. I just love everything the season brings--cool weather, changing and falling leaves, and the start of the holiday season. I love going on walks and smelling someone's fireplace burning into the crisp fall air, and being cozy on the couch drinking hot chai lattes.

I put together an October checklist for all the things I'm excited to do this season! Obviously this list is in no order of my priorities! ;)

Happy Fall ya'll!

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