Sunday, September 28, 2014

The final weeks

I woke up today and was shocked to think that in about two weeks we will be a family of three (well, five if you count the pups ;) ). It's so crazy to think about how this year started out for us finding out we were expecting, and spending the last nine months gradually preparing for parenthood. I know it won't be easy but I can't wait to bring a little life into this world and just love her unconditionally.

These last couple of weeks are going to be about winding down yet also gearing up for childbirth and the arrival of Baby G. We decided to install our carseat today, which took all about 7 minutes, so I'm sure we did it wrong, but I know it will be checked out about a dozen times before we actually put her in it. 

The weather this weekend was absolutely perfect, and stayed in the mid 50s up here during the day which meant we wore long sleeves all day, and had a fire going all night. I flippin love fall so I have been thrilled that it has been getting so cool up here, and that it especially felt brisk this weekend, because it meant being cozy and sitting by the fireplace for the first time in months!

We spent our weekend getting up slow, cuddling on the couch with the pups, cooking dinner together, grabbing bites in town, doing a little shopping at the outlets (where of course I had to stop in Carters, but promise I DID NOT buy a thing!), being somewhat productive with errands, and going on a beautiful, long autumn walk with the schnauzers. 

This upcoming week is going to go by fast as I am finishing up with work and starting to go into hardcore cleaning/nesting. I want to make sure everything is sanitized and organized before baby girl's arrival, so the last couple of weeks I plan to have different cleaning and organizing projects for each couple of days.

Also, now that all my last minute baby necessities have arrived (nursing bras & tanks, swaddle blankets, burp cloths, bottles, diaper cream, baby cam, etc.), I am focusing on having my hospital bag packed by the end of this week. I have read so many articles, gotten first hand advice, and even watched youtube videos on what to bring to the hospital because I don't want to over-pack or forget anything, so I think I have a pretty good grasp on what to pack. I plan on writing everything down so I don't forget last minutes stuff that I know I'll need (chargers, camera, makeup, etc.).

My mom is coming up this Thursday to be here until I go into labor since we do live in the mountains and there's a good chance I will go into labor while Aaron is at work. Ideally I would go into labor on my due date which is a Sunday, when Aaron will be home and the hospital won't be as busy, but I've already accepted the fact that the whole situation may not be so idyllic.

It was so exciting to turn full term at the beginning of the week--another pregnancy milestone!

Week: 37
Weight gain: I conveniently forgot to weigh myself . . . all week.
Symptoms: Peeing non-stop and feeling more tired now than EVER.
Changes: My stomach feels so tight and so stretched, I swear she can’t get any bigger because there is literally no room left!
Clothes: Kind of running out of shirts that cover my whole belly! Definitely relying on maternity tanks for my last couple of weeks!
Sleep: Hate getting in and out of bed to pee or let the dogs out because our bed is so high and it takes a while to get situated and comfortable.
Missing:  Red wine, so I buy POM juice and put it in a wine glass to pretend ;)
Cravings: Veggie meat, soups, greens and sweets.
Best moment this week: Going on a long walk with Aaron and the dogs today, and just enjoying this crisp, beautiful weather!
Looking forward to: Having my mom come up on Thursday :)

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