Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pregnancy Favorites

Since I am almost at the end of my time in Pregnancy Land, I decided to make a little "Pregnancy Favorites" collage. These are not really must haves, just items that I depended on throughout my pregnancy. I think every first time mama-to-be could use a little advice, so here's mine on how to make pregnancy a little easier and more comfortable :)

1. Cocoa butter--Whether or not ANY cream really works at preventing stretch marks (knock on wood, hopefully this does!) it honestly doesn't hurt to try. I lathered this Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula over my belly once I started to finally show, every night after taking a shower. Not to mention I love the smell of cocoa butter and found it nice to fall asleep to.
2. La Croix--Trust me, you are probably going to miss alcohol even if you weren't a big drinker before getting pregnant. Especially when you have people over and host get-togethers where everyone is enjoying a glass of wine, beer or cocktail, it's nice to have a (healthy!) non-alcoholic substitute in your hand. Not to mention, La Croix makes about a million (well, more like 14) different flavors, all sodium, caffeine, and sugar free!
3. Comfy shoes--I finally had to break down and buy new shoes a little after halfway through my pregnancy that were wider and placed more emphasis on comfort than style. I bought these Sketcher's shoes made with memory foam and it was honestly one of the best decisions I ever made. I didn't even have to break them in, and they are perfect for walking around all day. And come on, they are kind of cute, right?
4. Mama-To-Be tea--I was a huge tea drinker before I found out I was pregnant but after reading about all the teas pregnant women should stay away from, or shouldn't consume too much of, I started to avoid tea altogether. And then I found this tea by Earth Mama Angel Baby which is made just for pregnant women, and I couldn't resist! I bought several of the sample packs which included four different teas: Morning Wellness, Heartburn, Peaceful Mama, and Third Trimester. Even though I never experienced any morning sickness or heartburn, I enjoyed drinking each of the organic teas, and having a variety to choose from.
5. Planner/Calendar--Trust me when I say you will be making a TON of appointments--between visiting your doctor, constantly going to the lab for blood work, visiting hospitals and scheduling classes, you will be so thankful if you have a planner or organizing system to jot everything down. Pregnancy can be stressful, so why not try to be as organized as possible?
6. iPad--I know this sounds strange, but I am so thankful we have an iPad. Of course it's not a necessity, but when you constantly want need to looks things up--symptoms, reviews on products, doctors or hospitals, or simply have a million questions that come to mind in the middle of the night, it is so convenient to have an iPad (which is smaller than a laptop so you are not lugging it around the house, yet bigger than your phone so you are not straining your eyes or constantly having to zoom in on the font) by your side. I basically sleep with mine as I have constantly been using it to read reviews on products, create and edit our registry, Pinterest everything on pregnancy and newborns, read articles, and look up other mommy bloggers for advice.
7. Pregnancy book--Everyone will have their own favorite pregnancy book, and this is mine. I love how small it is (take it anywhere with you), and the fact that each page is dedicated to day in your pregnancy. I love that this book offers both humor and knowledge (advice from other moms and facts from doctors and statistics). I definitely recommend having at least one pregnancy book that will serve as your maternity bible to keep you sane and focused throughout these long nine ten months.
8. Ebay--During pregnancy, I discovered this addicting little website called Ebay. Haha, seriously though, I have become addicted, but totally recommend doing some shopping on here for maternity clothes. Maternity clothes are expensive, and when you already have to buy a bagillion things for baby, the last thing you probably want to do is spend a ton of money on a wardrobe you will only be wearing for a limited time. I have been so pleased with Ebay and have scored some amazing deals on great quality maternity clothes that have either been brand new with the tags still on, or like new, in excellent condition. 
9. Body/pregnancy pillow--I really did delay and debate this purchase for a while, but finally broke down and bought one towards the later half of my pregnancy. Great decision! Instead of a "pregnancy pillow" which can run upward of $100, I bought a $10 body pillow from Target (which is amazingly & surprisingly comfortable) and a $10 furry pillow cover to go with it. It has definitely allowed for me to get great sleep and has aided with my posture and given my hips and back some much needed support.
10. Journal/blog--If I could give just one piece of advice, it would be to document your pregnancy. It is such a unique and beautiful time in your life, and you really should try to take all the pictures you can and record every moment of it. Throughout my pregnancy I have been so grateful for other bloggers who took time to share their pregnancy progress through their blogs, and who knows, you may just be that comforting, helpful, insightful voice for another first time mama-to-be. Even if you do it just for you, write down your story, your progress, your pregnancy so that years from now you can look back at this beautiful time and remember every scary, surprising and amazing little detail you might have forgotten. And maybe, years from now, you'll share it with the one who made the whole story possible :)

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