Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pregnancy Photoshoot

So things have been kind of crazy over here, and the days have been flying by. Pretty soon it will be due date and time to meet Baby G! 
With the shower and everything that happened this weekend (brunches, dinners, bonfires, a trip to dog beach, shopping, and last minute preparations for the shower), we somehow manage an impromptu maternity shoot. No we did not have a professional photographer, but we improvised. Aaron and Noelle took turns with the camera and this is what we got from it all:

I really wanted to have photos of the two of us, and even though they aren't professionally taken, I'm happy with what we have :)
I would like to have pictures taken up here in the mountains as well and am debating hiring someone for the job . . . so let me know if you guys have any recommendations. I really don't want to spend too much, especially this close to due date when we still have a few things to buy!

Thanks! :)

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