Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Aaron's Birthday & Flash Floods

This past weekend Aaron turned 28 and we spent a couple of days this week celebrating and being crazy before baby girl arrives (more on that later . . .)

 Noelle and her boyfriend Will came over on Thursday and stayed with us all weekend which was great because we had more people to celebrate with. As tradition, I made Aaron my infamous 3 layered carrot cake for his birthday. We had my mom and step-dad over as well as a couple of friends and whipped up some sliders, jalapeno mac n cheese, and a southwestern salad. We had a little bit of thunder on Saturday during the birthday festivities and it was SUPER humid (well, not like Florida humid, but you get it), but the rain didn't come until Sunday . . . which meant we enjoyed a few rounds of beer pong! Yes I played and sucked, which meant poor Sara had to drink more beer than she anticipated.

Yes, Mamma played beer pong for the first time ever!
Then Sunday came, Aaron's real birthday, which we kicked off with homemade chocolate chip pancakes and plans to go on a small hike before the rain. It was a lovely morning and we took a walk down some beautiful trails and made it back to the car right as the rain started up.

We decided to go on a drive down the old control roads since it was so breathtaking out with the rain, which started out as a wonderful adventure:

 And then turned into this:

Lets just say that these photos show just a fraction of the chaos we went through, and that to say we were caught in bad conditions was an understatement. But we pulled through it together and 7.5 hours later we made it home safely! 

Yes, this should have been a Subaru commercial.

Weekly update:

Week: 34
Weight gain: 25 lbs
Symptoms: These frickin’ Charley horses
Changes: Her kicks and movements are getting stronger and harder every week as she gets bigger!
Clothes: Comfy workout clothes . . . whether or not I’m working out.
Sleep: Ahhhh
Missing:  Do I really need to say it?
Cravings: Halibut & gatorade
Best moment this week: Aaron’s birthday and spending time with family and friends
Looking forward to: Maybe doing a child birthing class on Thursday?

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