Monday, September 15, 2014

Homestretch & Hospital Bag

Mama & baby are getting bigger everyday and I'm sure noticing the difference! At this rate she is growing roughly an ounce a day, though we don't know exactly how big she is since we haven't had an ultrasound since week 20!

Since we have about 4 weeks left, we have been preparing for baby girl almost on a daily basis. As of now, all her gear (that she will use within the first 4 months or so) has been taken out of the boxes and assembled, batteries and all, bottles have been boiled and sanitized, all her clothes (bedding, bibs, etc.) have been washed, folded or hung up in the closet, last minute necessities have been ordered, and as of this weekend, the nursery is complete! I will definitely take pictures and share a post on her nursery this week ;)

Clean clothes put away!

Headbands all organized!
Another thing I have been looking into is the hospital bag! I emailed the hospital where we will most likely deliver (more on that later. . . ), asking for a list of what they provide so I won't have to worry about forgetting anything or bringing too much as well.

Thinking of packing everything in my new diaper bag . . . if it all fits!

Here is what the hospital will provide:
Peri pads (Kotex)
Disposable mesh underwear
Peri bottle to clean episiotomy
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Bar soap
Hospital gowns
Towels and wash clothes for showering
Sock type slippers
Cleaning towels for baby
Bath soap for baby
Alcohol to clean baby's umbilical cord
Clothes and blankets for baby
Formula if not breastfeeding
Access to electric breast pump if needed

They also gave me a list of items I may want to bring with me:
Clothes if you don't want to wear a hospital gown
Going home outfit for yourself and baby
Slippers if you want the real deal
Reading material
Car seat (won't need until the day of discharge)

Baby G's take-home outfit!
So based on their lists and of course, recommendations I found on Pinterest, I am compiling my own little list of what to bring to the hospital. I already have everything for baby girl set aside since I really don't need much for her, and am just working on a master list for Aaron and I to get familiar with so we BOTH will be prepared.

Any recommendations from you mamas out there would be greatly appreciated! Are there things you wish you would have brought with you, or things you wish you would have left behind?
Would love any feedback :)

Weekly update:

Week: 35
Weight gain: 26 lbs
Symptoms: Peeing waay more often than I’d like.
Changes: It looks like she is trying to break out of my tummy—so cool to watch! However, it kind of makes some people gag (won’t name names) watching a little human twist, turn, kick and punch from inside of me.
Clothes: Still wearing them ;)
Sleep: Would be impossible without my body pillow!
Missing:  Would loooove a martini RIGHT NOW.
Cravings: An icy Gatorade
Best moment this week: Not having ANY weekend plans and just spending quality time with Aaron. We finished all the last touches (for the most part) in the nursery, and we absolutely LOVE it in there :))
Looking forward to: Getting our new Pottery Barn couch delivered on Friday!

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