Monday, October 6, 2014

The Last Week (hopefully!)

It's so insanely amazing yet crazy to think that by the end of this week we could be parents.

After all these months of waiting, and surprises (from taking the pregnancy test, to finding out the due date, and then finding out the sex of our Bumpkin), I am so ready for the biggest surprise of them all--going into labor and finally meeting our baby girl face to face! I am so thrilled, I'm giddy.

I'm really trying to soak up every last minute of being pregnant, as excited as I am for her to arrive. There are things I will miss, like feeling her kick and move inside my big ol' belly, but I would gladly trade it in to be able to hold her in my arms and stare at her all day.

My belly feels stretched beyond max capacity here, and even getting off the couch is a minor accomplishment, though I'm still trying to stay somewhat active by walking the dogs and cleaning/organizing the house.

This weekend was fun and relaxing, with no big plans. My mom is now up here full time until baby arrives, which is comforting knowing she is just a few minutes away instead of a couple of hours. This weekend we barbequed some hot dogs, went on a 3 mile (mild) hike with the pups before it warmed up one morning, watched scary movies, and FINALLY decorated for fall!

My mom brought me some fairytale pumpkins, which are my favorite, and last Thursday after my doctor's appointment, I went to Target and bought these amazing Glade fall candles and room sprays. I keep the Red Apple Bakery scent in the living room and spray it in the morning, and I swear the house smells like Autumn all day long.

And to add the the fall festivities,I totally scored on this pumpkin cookie recipe! The best pumpkin cookies I have EVER had!

And speaking of my doctor's appointment, I was excited to find out that I am 1 cm dilated!!! When she checked my cervix she was even able to feel the baby's head!! WHAT!?!? I was beyond shocked yet thrilled to find out that baby girl is getting ready for her big day! I am really hoping she comes after Thursday yet before Monday . . . although I know it is alllll out of my control. Baby girl will come when SHE is ready!

Last week's update:

Weight gain: 30 lbs!
Symptoms: Feeling like my stomach is going to pop.
Changes: Not really a change feeling her move, but I swear she is sooo strong and her movements are so big! She is a wiggle worm just like her mom!
Clothes: Sometimes it takes a few tries in the morning before I find a shirt that actually (kinda) fits me. I really try hard not to wear the same five shirts over and over again!
Sleep: I can’t sleep more than 7 hours—I don’t know if it’s the excitement or what, but I’m really trying to make myself sleep longer while I still can!
Missing:  Being able to fit into all my clothes.
Cravings: Chocolate lava cake, halibut, and honeycrisp apples, which are my new favorite apple!
Best moment this week: Doctor’s appointment and spending time with my family, barbequing and hiking together :)
Looking forward to: Ummm. . . MEETING BABY GIRL!!!!

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