Monday, September 22, 2014

The countdown has begun!

You know your pregnancy is coming to an end when you open up the fridge to grab milk for your cereal and the expiration date on the milk is a few day AFTER your due date! Yup, just experienced this realization this morning, and I seriously can't believe we have ONLY 20 days to go (well, you know, give or take). So I'm officially counting down the days with hopes that she is not super late and instead decides to make her debut on or around her due date :)

And I am sooo excited to announce that FALL IS HERE! It has already started cooling down up here, especially at night, dropping down to the 40s. I feel so blessed that we live somewhere where we experience seasons, and that you can actually feel the change in the air around you. Not to mention that this is the season when our sweet baby girl will arrive, which makes this year ten times more special :)

And we already have a newborn outfit picked out for her fall arrival:

And it's so suiting, considering I gave Aaron Hocus Pocus for his birthday and this was his first year EVER watching it (I loved that movie growing up!).

This weekend consisted of spending time with family, relaxing at home, going out to see The Maze Runner (pretty good!), going on a little hike with the pups, eating pizza, and getting our new couch from Pottery Barn! It is so comfortable and perfect for our living room! Not to mention it is our first brand new couch!

Update from last week:

Week: 36

Weight gain: 27.5 lbs

Symptoms: Feeling like a whale.

Changes: I didn’t think my stomach could get any bigger but my sister assured me it had since the last time she saw me. Still getting Charley horses in the morning, which sucks, but other than that, and of course feeling tired more often than ever, I guess I can’t complain.

Clothes: I try to look decent most of the times, but these days it is allllll about comfort.

Sleep: Had a few rough nights this week due to huge mosquito bites which made it so incredibly difficult to fall asleep instead of scratch my skin off.

Missing:  My normal sized feet.

Cravings: Gatorade, sweets, smoothies, cereal.

Best moment this week: Having a fun and relaxing weekend with Aaron, Elle, her boyfriend and Mamma & Russ. Love it when the pups get to play with their cousins, and was so very proud of them for making it through a 4 mile hike on the first day of Fall! Oh, and we received our brand new couch which I am completely in love with!!

Looking forward to: Getting closer and closer to due date ;)

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