Thursday, July 31, 2014

How my pups have prepared me for motherhood

Week 30 is coming up which is crazy exciting to think about--almost down to the single-digit-week countdown (and yes, the countdown has been going on since I found out I got knocked up).

The closer we get to due date, the more I have been thinking about how we prepare ourselves for having a baby. As silly as it sounds, I think Darcy and Bennet have done a pretty great job at preparing me for Baby G's arrival. 

Our little family (the day we got Bennet)

Here's why:
-I might not have a baby yet, but I am their (Darcy & Bennet's) mommy.
-I potty trained them. Both of them. Which required long sleepless nights, running up and down flights of stairs when we lived in different apartments, making sure they went out every two hours and were praised with treats and kisses. But hey it worked and they were both potty trained in about a week!
-Vet visit$, I imagine have somewhat prepared me for the countless visits to the pediatrician.
-I have had my fair share of sleepless nights due to tummy troubles & being afraid of the dark (or noises they hear outside- AKA racoons). 
-I'm pretty sure my pups are on a better diet than I am. Just like I'm pretty sure my baby will eat better than I do.
-I clean up their shit. Everyday.
-I have no idea what they are thinking/saying (even though Aaron and I speak for them, that's a whole different story).
-Somehow, even though I just put away their toys an hour ago, I see them scattered all through the house already. 
-If you look through my phone you'll find 120943274893472 pictures of my dogs. And I don't delete them. I am prepared to have no space left on my phone after constantly taking pictures of baby girl once she arrives.
-Plenty of valuables & goods have been destroyed thanks to teething and separation anxiety. Even though our pups are fine now and have grown out of it, I have a feeling Baby G will be next to own the title "(adorable) master of disaster"
-I am constantly being followed. I have learned that it is too much to ask for some privacy every once in a while.
-Most importantly, I know what it feels like to be unconditionally loved. I love my little schnauzers so incredibly much, I can't even imagine how my heart could feel any fuller, but I know in a few short months, it will :)

my little loves
Both squeezing into my lap despite the growing baby bump.

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