Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A special guest in town

I have been looking forward to this week not only because Aaron has off of work, but also because we have a very special guest staying with us . . . my mama-in-law!!
For the record, we get along great, and it always feels like we never have enough time together. 

Aaron & his mama!
Getting ready for her to visit included lots of deep cleaning and prepping the guest bedroom, making it nice and cozy (to hopefully convince her to stay).
One of the great parts about living up here in the mountains is having plenty of wildflowers (or pretty weeds) in your front yard. So I filled up mason jars with pretty little flowers and spread them around the house the day she arrived. You can never have too many flowers in my opinion!

Another thing I did was put some books and magazines out in her room that I thought she would like. Also left a candle with matches, a clock, fan, vanity tray, pillows and throws so it would be extra cozy.

In addition, I thought it would be fun to have a homemade summer treat. So I made blueberry cheesecake ice cream. Enough said. 

I went off this recipe which was great because it doesn't require you to have an ice cream machine, and like most things I make, is super easy.

And to top it all off, Monday marked the start of week 25! I am super excited to be one week closer to meeting baby girl (only 15 more weeks to go!).

Now for week 24 recap:

Weight gain: 12.5 pounds
Symptoms: Lots of baby kicks, keeping mama happy :)
Changes: Belly feels HUGE (really noticed at the end of the week).
Clothes: maternity jean shorts, running capris and tank tops.
Sleep: Having lots of dreams about baby girl—I’m just so excited to see what she looks like I guess!
Missing: A glass of white wine
Cravings: Iced decaf mochas, snow cones, caprese salad, halibut
Best moment this week: Having Aaron’s mom arrive on Saturday night!!!! So excited to spend every moment together!
Looking forward to: Ummm, this week not ending?

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