Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A week full of surprises!

Today I am officially 30 weeks pregnant!!! Wohoo! Only 10 more weeks to go :) To make things even more exciting, the UPS man showed up this morning with our new crib mattress--so baby girl officially has a place to sleep! This nursery is coming together slowly but surely.

This week was so great because we FINALLY had some rain! Hallelujah! I absolutely love rain storms and was thrilled that it pretty much poured all weekend long and we even had some thunder. Now all my plants are happy but hopefully we get some more beautiful summer showers.
Right before the storm
This week was also super sweet because I received three surprises in the mail for Baby G! I absolutely love getting things in the mail and all I could do was picture what she might look like in all her new clothes. Special thanks to those special people who kept us in mind ;)

I spy with my little eyes . . . a pair of puppy feet!
And speaking of surprises, at the end of this month Elle and Mamma are throwing us (me & G) a baby shower! I am so excited to see friends and family whom I haven't seen in a while. I feel so blessed that Elle and Mamma are going out of their way to shower us with love and are trying hard to keep so many things secret so that I will be surprised come the day of the shower.

This weekend our old neighbor from Long Beach visited us which was a lot of fun, especially since we enjoy entertaining and she has never been to our new house before. I just realized today that by the end of this month it will be a whole year living in our first home! It has been such a fulfilling adventure building our home and family together. And now that we are expecting, our second guest bedroom has become a nursery (or is becoming a nursery), and we put our two twin trundle beds in our bonus room upstairs. I was a little apprehensive about putting the beds up there at first, but after moving them, I really do think the room feels more complete. Eventually we want to buy another TV for up there, and will use the area as an additional play room for Baby G. I also have my weights, weighted hula hoop and yoga mat in the bonus room so it really is a multipurpose room!
Did I mention that the pups LOVE this room?

Weekly update:

Week: 29
Weight gain: 18? 19 pounds?
Symptoms: Feeling great—husband is helping with the occasional back aches I’m starting to get from hauling around this extra weight.
Changes: An ever-expanding waistline.
Clothes: Anything this belly can fit in!
Sleep: Sleeping soundly, especially this weekend falling asleep to the rain :)
Missing: Hmmm . . . patron silver on the rocks please?
Cravings: Halibut, potatoes, and anything with protein
Best moment this week: Seeing our old friend Dena & her pup Charlie (Darcy’s first boyfriend). Also having summer rain!! HALLELUJAH! Oh, and getting sweet gifts in the mail :)
Looking forward to: Our next rainfall . . . hopefully I won’t have to wait too long!


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