Friday, July 11, 2014

Hospitals & a Baby Shower

As the third trimester is quickly approaching, we have so much to think about! Number one on our list right now is whether we want to continue with our original plan of delivering while I stay in Seal Beach at my mamma's house. I think this is the best option for us because instead of possibly going into labor at home while Aaron is at work and the hospital is an hour away, I could be with my mamma and sister where I have a plethora of hospitals to choose from within a 20 minute radius. My doctor thinks I will be fine and have plenty of time to get to a hospital (being a first time mama) if I choose to stay at our house, but she recommended meeting with a doctor in Seal Beach/Long Beach soon if I decide I want to give birth in that area. 
So all you mamas out there (I know I have spoken to a few already) if you have a OBGYN you love or any recommendations for the LB/SB area, I will gladly take suggestions!
I also feel like I'm doing a ton of research with hospitals and our insurance companies so I can be as prepared as possible for a big hospital bill after giving birth. The last thing I want is to be surprised by a $4,000 hospital bill, so I'm trying to prepare myself now as much as possible.

On a lighter note, I am SUPER excited to hear my baby shower is in the planning! My mamma and sister are in charge, and no matter how much I've tried to help, I'm told I don't have a say in what happens. My mom actually let me decide what kind of plates and napkins I wanted, but I guess I blew it on that one because they decided white was too boring. I can't help that I love white!
Regardless, I've been finding ideas on Pinterest in hopes that my sister will stumble upon my "Baby Shower" board (hehehe):

Honestly I'm not worried--they always do an AMAZING job with everything they plan. But I am in charge of one thing, and that is the favors, which I am really excited to start working on! I think we are shooting for the end of August for the shower, but we'll see!


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