Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer BBQs & Maternity Finds

Last week was another wonderful week in the life of a pregnant girl. Aaron told me the other day, "Wow, this pregnancy has been easy," haha. Let's knock on wood it continues on this path!
Baby girl is getting stronger every week day. Not only am I feeling every kick and jab, but it has been so crazy actually watching my stomach move! Sometimes I will be laying on the couch reading a book and I will catch my stomach move  out of the corner of my eye and simultaneously feel a little punch. This girl.
Since I have been noticeably pregnant these days (and consequently unable to fit into my old jeans and anything with a button), I have started to dip my feet into the world of maternity clothes. I read somewhere that Ebay was a great place to buy gently used maternity clothes, and have been somewhat addicted to it ever since. Not only do I love auctions (who knew?), but I also love great deals and getting things in the mail. A lot of the things I have bought have never been worn and still have tags on them. Everything else has been gently worn and is in great condition. So far it seems like sellers are honest and very descriptive about the items they are selling. I don't think I have spent more than $15 on one item (including shipping). Some things I get for around $5-$6!
Comfiest tank ever. Don't care how big these stripes make me look (and neither does Bennet)!

(all pictures from Ebay sellers)

At the last minute we had some of my family come up on Saturday which was a lot of fun. Aaron fired up the grill and made spare ribs for everyone, which were a huge hit. I had black bean veggie patties which were good but I'm sure no one is interested in that. It was nice seeing my grandparents and having my aunt, uncle and cousin visit. We all sat around the table and had a BBQ feast which was later followed by coffee, peach pie, and later on ice cream!
Saturday night sunset

Out on our deck with the pups :)
After the family, left Aaron and I went out to the wine bar in town where there was live music and we hung out with our neighbor and some friends. Aaron had wine and port. I had Perrier. But we both had a great time. It has been a while since we have gone out at night for drinks (being pregnant, it doesn't always sound like fun), but I'm totally glad we went. Pregnant gals can have fun too!

Sunday we finally started on the nursery. We were using the room as a second guest bedroom, which had two twin trundle beds, so we had to dismantle the beds and move them to our bonus room for now (still trying to find the perfect place for them, if one exists), and prep the room for painting! When we bought our house, the seller had the interior repainted an off-white yellowish color, which is a fine neutral color, but a little boring. Since having a baby is such a huge deal, we knew we wanted to personalize the nursery which meant repainting the room. Since the ceiling was also the same color as the wall, we had to paint the ceiling white (kind of a pain in the ass) and have started the process of painting the rest of the room this light, bright grey.

Our work in progress, but you can see a huge contrast in the before and after paint colors.
Since I am obsessed with pregnancy books, here is the best thing I've read all week:
Read the blue box
Last week's pregnancy update:
Can't believe only 3 short months until she's due!
Weight gain: 15 pounds (confirmed at doctor’s appointment)
Symptoms: Feeling tired and sleeping in more
Changes: I think my feet are getting bigger!
Clothes: Rockin’ my new maternity shorts and tanks (it’s been hot these days!)
Sleep: Sleeping greaaaat
Missing: A glass of wine on the weekend with my love out on the deck
Cravings: Cajun catfish (new for me!) and really any kind of white fish
Best moment this week: Having family visit and spending time with my love bug, even if it meant painting the nursery in humid weather.
Looking forward to: Seeing mamma!

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