Monday, July 7, 2014

25 weeks under my belt

Today marks the beginning of week 26, which means it's time for last week's recap!

Weight gain: 15.5 pounds –yes, I freakin gained 3 pounds in my week vacation! Holy crap.
Symptoms: Just feeling tired more often and need occasional naps on busy days.
Changes: I forgot to mention it earlier, but a few weeks ago I started to get the dark line down the center of my stomach that a lot of pregnant women get. It’s so weird! But Aaron thinks it’s cool.
Clothes: Dresses. All summer long.
Sleep: Sleeping like a baby especially since Aaron bought a new oscillating fan for our bedroom, which is AMAZING since it has been getting warmer up here.
Missing: Vino!
Cravings: Fish & chips (which I tried for the first time EVER when we went down to Newport Beach) and coffee, especially iced (decaf) coffees which I am addicted to all of a sudden.
Best moment this week: Having a nice long vacation with my wonderful husband and his mom! I loved every second of it and spending quality time together.
Looking forward to: Doctor’s appointment this Thursday and seeing my mom (after she’s been in Italy for a whole month) next week!

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