Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July Recap

This past week was such an amazing, fun-filled week! It started out with Aaron's mom coming out from the east coast, which was a great start to our vacation. We went hiking, explored town, enjoyed great food & had a blast just relaxing and being together.

We also went down to Seal Beach for a couple to days and hung out with my sister and her boyfriend, went shopping, spent time at the beach, rented a boat and took it out to the ocean, as well as visit some of our favorite places when we use to live there. As much as I love living in the mountains, there's NOTHING like life at the beach. I totally miss the ocean breeze and marine layer every time I visit, and realize that I will always be a beach bum at heart.

First morning in Seal Beach on our way to breakfast

Lunch at Fashion Island in Newport

BBQ Wednesday night at my mamas

Speedboatin! After I jumped in the ocean with Elle

Coming back up the hill from the beach was fun because as soon as we got home we went straight to the first summer concert in the park this year in our town. It was super relaxing and enjoyable and I especially loved the Frank Sinatra theme and music. The next day was the Fourth and our town had its own little festivities that we got to be a part of. It rained a little that morning (Halleluiah! We really needed it!) and we took Darcy into town with us so she could socialize with everyone (Bennet is a little too high strung around strangers, unfortunately). They had a parade, dunk tank, a pie eating contest for both kids and adults, a chili cook-off, fresh kettlecorn (hell yeah), music, a dog show, and plenty of local artist booths set up in town. They even had a pet adoption in the park which of course broke my heart since I wanted to adopt every dog there. Aaron and I each fell in love with a dog and were soooo tempted to adopt them but thought it would be too crazy for us, especially with a baby arriving in just three short months.
Virgin bloody mary!

Walking to town in the rain

Celebrating one whole year with Bennet!

4th of July with my family :)

BBQ at home on the 4th

 Not to mention being 25 weeks pregnant kind of felt like a pregnancy milestone. I can't believe the 3rd trimester is right around the corner!

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