Monday, July 21, 2014

1st & 2nd Trimester Recap

As I head into the 3rd trimester, I must admit, I'm kind of nervous. I've heard it's the hardest and longest for most people. Mostly I am just excited to be one week closer to due date. What I am not so excited about? Needing help to get my pregnant ass off the couch.
Right now really does feel like the perfect stage of pregnancy. My stomach is nice and round (you can finally tell I'm pregnant and didn't just shove my face with In-N-Out), I look pregnant but only feel it some of the time. I still enjoy hikes and long walks and strutting around the house with my shirt lifted over my belly. I'm obsessed with the constant movement I feel from baby girl which makes me always want to look down at my stomach and pay attention to the little gymnast growing inside me. 
I must say, looking back on the past two trimesters, I have definitely enjoyed my second trimester. Although I never had any morning sickness (thank you Jesus!), people don't really tell you how nerve-wrecking the first trimester is. I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks (on my birthday) and it constantly felt like a waiting game--waiting for the first doctor's appointment, waiting to hear the heartbeat, waiting for the first ultrasound, waiting to take a bunch of tests, waiting to hear test results, waiting to tell everyone our news, waiting, waiting, waiting. It was more of an anxious time for me, even though I was soooo excited, I felt like in the first trimester time was always on my mind and I just couldn't wait to get to part two.
The second trimester, on the other hand, was more exciting than anything. That's when we decided to share the news that we were expecting and it really was a great kickoff to part two of pregnancy land. That's also when I started to relax a little and actually let myself get excited and talk about our future baby. We found out that we are having a girl and I was so thrilled to finally know the sex of the baby after waiting what felt like a bagillion days. Once you find out the sex (if you choose to find out), I feel like it makes the whole pregnancy seem more real. I could imagine our little girl and what she would look like and what to expect. I started to picture our lives with her in it, not to mention I could finally start planning the nursery and picking out adorable things for her to wear. 
The best part besides finding out the sex, was being able to feel kicks and movement for the first time. Right now, it is what I enjoy most about being pregnant--being able to feel her tumble and practice her karate kicks in my tummy. It is such a reassuring and wonderful feeling, proof that there is a little life developing inside me :)

Officially in the 3rd trimester now :)

Recap from this week:

Weight gain: 16 pounds?
Symptoms: Feeling great almost all the time.
Changes: Feeling more movement now than EVER which is super exciting!
Clothes: Anything that fits over the bump ;)
Sleep: Still sleeping great
Missing: A tropical martini on these summer nights
Cravings: Seafood (cajun catfish), lemonade, dark chocolate with sea salt.
Best moment this week: Finally seeing my mamma after being away from each other for two full months! So great that she is finally able to feel Baby G kick!
Looking forward to: Ordering and picking out furniture pieces for the nursery now that we have finally finished painting! Yahoo!

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