Monday, July 28, 2014

Surprise Baby Shower & Weekend Fun

Last Monday I woke up to being 28 weeks pregnant, a HUGE pregnancy milestone. The third trimester really started off with a bang (in the best way). I had a work meeting to go to Monday morning that we were told was important and we should all try to attend. So I showed up to the meeting only to find out that it was a surprise baby shower! My mind was blown. I was so shocked I almost cried!
I don't have the best pictures, but these ladies went all out. We had a baby shower brunch accompanied by hilarious games and sweetness overload. They truly made me feel so special and loved.
Sorry for shitty photos

Some of the adorable gifts I received: 

My friend's mom also MADE these gorgeous baby clothes:

Everything was so sweet and thoughtful, I was just so happy :)

My sister also came up here this week with her boyfriend, so naturally we had a blast.
drinks out on our deck Saturday night after dinner, before a movie :)
Parts of this weekend really felt like fall and totally put us all in the festive mood. We had a little bit of rain and one morning out at breakfast we were surrounded by falling leaves and grey skies. So we decided to watch The Family Stone (one of my FAVORITE movies of all time), and now I am totally ready for Autumn!
Aaron & I were also productive with furniture shopping this weekend! we bought this beautiful maple hutch for our dinning room and also ordered the baby crib which should be here by the end of this week.

And here is my week 28 recap!

Week: 28
Weight gain: 17 pounds
Symptoms: Feeling great!
Changes: Feet a little swollen
Clothes: Maternity pants and jeans, tank tops
Sleep: Sleeping long and hard
Missing: Do I really need to say it?
Cravings: Seafood (which I found out I am probably eating too much of), green date shakes (made fresh at our health food store up here), twizzlers
Best moment this week: Surprise baby shower!!! And spending an awesome weekend with Noelle & Aaron
Looking forward to: Getting the crib hopefully on Thursday!

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