Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Welcome Summer!

Summer is officially here everybody!!! Time to bust out the bikinis  & BBQs!
This past weekend was super fun and eventful, kicking off the first day of summer with a BBQ for Aaron's work friends. Everything was super easy and fun and it was nice to have some time to just relax together.
Some fun things I did for the BBQ:

chalkboard sign in backyard- can do this with any old picture frame & chalkboard paint.

All-American fruit kabobs--perfect for 4th of July parties!

Made this sign last minute out of a cardboard box. Just cut out the triangles, spray painted them with chalkboard paint and wrote on them with chalk (I used twine for the banner)! I thought it was cute for a backyard BBQ.

I am addicted to mason jars, so the day of the party I got out a ton of them and went to the end of our driveway and picked a bunch of overgrown flowers (okay, weeds) to put in the jars. Since we don't have that many blooms on our property, I thought it was the perfect addition to brighten up the house and yard.

Getting to spend some time with Elle was nice too, even if we were surrounded by other people playing beer pong together, I always enjoy time with my sister!
Spending a couple of hours together tanning at Lake Hemet
As if the week couldn't get any better--celebrating being 6 months pregnant!

Last week's pregnancy update:

Week: 23

Weight gain: 12 pounds

Symptoms: At the end of this week I really started to notice my feet hurting (do I need new shoes??) if I’m on them all day. Also my legs get sore if I’m walking around too much as well.

Changes: My body is definitely feeling and looking more and more pregnant each week! They say after 20 weeks baby starts growing at a more rapid pace than ever and starts putting on fat. I definitely felt the difference with my body this week.

Clothes: Running pants and tanks. Embracing the bump rather than covering it up.

Sleep: Can’t get enough of it.

Missing: A cold beer on a Friday night (& a pair of jeans that fit just right)

Cravings: What am I NOT craving? Tuna, baked potatoes, grapefruit, GRILLED ARTICHOKES, crème brulee (it’s beginning to become a problem), and iced decaf mochas! Anybody have weird pregnancy cravings?

Best moment this week: Having a BBQ on Saturday for Aaron’s work friends and getting to see my sister and meet her boyfriend! Did I mention I even got to play beer pong?! Obviously no drinking on my part (hey pregnant women can have fun too!)

Looking forward to: Aaron’s mom coming out here this Saturday!!!!! I am so excited to see her and have someone play with my hair, and have girl talk with for a week


  1. With Bryce I wanted mustard on everything and chili cheese burritos from Taco Bell. With Logan I ate a brownie with peanut butter on it. But that's why I gained 45 pounds with Lo and 55 with Bryce.

    1. Omg Sara I have had so many desserts lately it's not even funny-like creme brulee 4 nights a weeks sometimes! I had no idea you gained so much weight with the boys, I can't even tell.