Monday, October 17, 2016

Bendelle is 2

Time has been slipping quickly through our fingers, which is why it feel like forever since I've last written. Bendelle is growing more and more every day and I just want to hold onto every little phase and quirk that she goes through (yes, even her bossy phase - I blame that on me).

This month she turned 2 and all I could think about was the moment she was born and how tiny and new she was and how in that moment, I couldn't imagine her a day older than what she was. I would have never imagined she'd become this silly and charming little blonde hair, blue eyed character. She is full of spunk and opinions and it is clear to everyone that this girl has a mind of her own.

She enjoys her little routines as much as we do. They say babies and kids find comfort in routines, and I think that for the most part, this is definitely true. She loves her bubble baths and will usually bathe with her bow and jewelry still on and almost always asks for "more bubbles".

Ever since her Frozen birthday party on the 8th, she's been into wearing princess dresses and for the last couple of months, the first thing she'll ask for when she wakes up and we get her from her crib is "more bow please" and then for a necklace and then bracelets and then a dress. This girl has got it down.

She is definitely, without a doubt, girly, but she has so much desire to explore and climb and is just as crazy and wild as any boy her age.

She loves to color and play with chalk, is still loving reading, and enjoys riding on her toys, playing with her dolls and her new kitchen sets. And she is an expert at puzzles! More than anything, she loves to be outside and climb around in our backyard and the park, and explore. That's the downside to this cooler weather coming up - as beautiful as it is, she won't be able to spend as much time outside.

But as much fun as she had at her birthday party, we can't even imagine how fun Christmas will be for her this year! More than anything, we are excited that both my dad and Aaron's mom will be flying out to visit for the holiday. She is obsessed with my dad and it will be nice to have him around before Christmas so she can spend some quality time with him (and so I can get extra stuff done too) ;) Trying to balance doing work for my shop and being a full time stay-at-home mama is the most difficult thing, and I am constantly trying to find that balance! But more than anything I am sooo grateful that I get to raise my daughter all while pursuing something I really love, something that's all mine and that is growing alongside my daughter.

I've said it a million times, but I honestly feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

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