Monday, March 7, 2016

Life with my little.

It has been MONTHS since I have written! Although life has been crazy and sad and beautiful in the past few months, making blogging kind of an overwhelming thing to do, it is something that I want to continue doing despite how busy everyday can be. So here I am! And here is an update on my precious little mini:

She is so social, active, charming and hilarious. And the most beautiful little girl I know. I love that she seems to have the same sense of humor that Aaron and I do (funny how that happens ;) ) and cracks us up with her cheesy expressions and unexpected attitude.

She overwhelms us with her bursts of love and affection, which is my favorite thing ever. And those sloppy little kisses? The best. She also loves surprising the dogs with hugs and kisses. Darcy has mixed feelings about it, but Bennet loves being her sidekick . . . most of the time ;)

She is obsessed with books and reading! Sometimes we read over 20 stories in one day! I am so proud of how smart this little girl is and how she loves to just absorb everything we tell her. She is constantly learning new words and pulling out her books to have us read to her. She makes us so happy!

She is wild, reckless and fearless. I love her sense of adventure and her need to explore. She loves being outdoors, just like her parents, and I love that we have this in common.

She is stunningly beautiful with her bright blue eyes and rosy red cheeks. Sometimes I feel like people do a double take when they see this little blonde hair blue eyed girl with her brunette and hazel eyed mom and dad. But if you look closely and study her, you'll see us there :) The shape of her eyes, her plump lips, round face, long lashes. A beautiful mixture of the both of us. 

I love doing everything together-taking baths, eating lunch, playing outside, cleaning up the house, watching a movie- it's just better when I have this little mini me around to do things with and be inspired by.