Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day

We are gearing up to head East soon and I could not be more excited! Life lately has been feeling really crazy, especially since Bendelle is more active than ever! I will be relieved to have other people around to hold and entertain her while we're on vacation ;)

It was a busy weekend but yesterday we were able to celebrate Aaron's first Father's Day before he had to go to work. It was so fun and special, especially since Saturday evening we made an impromptu trip to Temecula and had an early celebration over wine and music. Bendelle was surprisingly so good while we were wine tasting, especially since we had been running around all day. Sunday began with pancakes and bacon and a few small gifts--fun and relaxing, just like it should be. If you haven't checked out Chatbooks, you totally should! I made Aaron a small photobook for Father's Day based on all my instagram photos of Bendelle. It was my first time ordering from them, but I'm so glad I did--the book was simple yet beautiful and I didn't have to worry about the pictures coming out blurry or pixelated. 

Bendelle has been doing this new thing lately where she rolls her tongue (kind of like how my first Spanish teacher had our class practice rolling our R's a million years ago in middle school). It is the funniest thing but so impressive because she does it so well! Currently trying to capture it on video because who knows how long this stage will last?

Also we have been letting her sip water, and it is seriously the cutest thing when she tries to drink from our glass. She is growing up sooooo fast!


Friday, June 12, 2015

8 months

Yesterday Bendelle turned 8 months old and I couldn't help but be amazed at how much she has changed and developed since she was brought into this world. I know it's a no-brainer (babies grow up!), and everybody reminds you of how quickly the first year flies by, but maybe you other mamas will remember this feeling. It's like everyday there is something new and if you look closely you see another layer of her personality unfold and you get a glimpse of who this new and interesting little being is becoming. I can barely remember how fragile and helpless she was the first couple months of her life. The once tiny and delicate little creature has transformed into an active and sturdy fireball right before my eyes, and time can't seem to slow down.

Since I am basically with her every moment of my day, I can't help but notice each new quirk and phase that she goes through. She is all about the "mamamamama" and "dadadada" and every once in a while it's "nana" so I can't help but call her "Nana" now and then. She is crawling like crazy and getting into anything and everything. This last month she was kind of flirting around with the whole crawling thing because her preferred method of transportation was rolling, as she could literally roll to wherever she wanted to go, but finally she came around to the idea of crawling. Her little red knees are a constant reminder that she is growing up so, sooo fast (and that I need to put up the baby gates soon!). 

Every once in a while I catch her doing a fake cry (or at least I choose not to believe that the tearless cry is real). She gets a cheeseball look on her face and it sounds more like a whine and then I call her out on it and blow a raspberry somewhere on her skin and she forgets what she was fake crying about.

And speaking of, she is all about blowing raspberries. She thinks it's hilarious, especially when Aaron does it, and just recently started to blow raspberries herself! At first she would put her mouth on my arm or leg and make a humming noise with her mouth but then she figured out the whole blowing thing and now is a legit raspberry blower. It's the best.

And I think she will be taking after dad in the driving department. When she first started to walk around in her car walker she was looking a lot like I do when I push her around in a stroller--running into everything and constantly get stuck on random crap. But I am seriously amazed at how well she navigates around the living room and through the dinning room and kitchen. When she gets stuck on the rug or something she will scoot herself back and either go around or try to charge again in the same direction but with more force. And she only crashes into things on purpose--like when she chases the dogs while they are trying to eat or charges into my legs while I'm trying to cook.

When we hold her up from her arms or underarms, she is definitely putting one foot in front of the other and trying to walk. But for now we are still enjoying our baby-gate-free home.

We are so excited that in less than a month we will be visiting Aaron's family on the east coast and that Bendelle will be meeting people she has never met before! It has been years since Aaron has been back home so we are super crazy excited to do some of our favorite things in NJ, but with a baby this time around! Shortly after we get back, Bendelle and I will be visiting my family for a little reunion, celebrating my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary in Colorado. Even though Aaron won't be joining us on the trip, I am excited to spend quality time with family members I don't get to see often (and who will finally be able to meet Bendelle). Plus I will be flying with my sister, so I will have an extra set of hands to help with traveling with Bendelle if needed!

Right now we are just so excited for everything summer has to offer and embracing everyday and every stage of development with Bendelle! :)

 PS- She sings :) In the morning I listen to her talk through the monitor as she wakes up in her room. She talks a lot. She'll go on and on and on. And every once in a while I hear her sing. She carries a little tune and her voice gets a little higher and my heart simply melts. My sweet, sweet girl.