Sunday, August 24, 2014

Stormy weather & a bigger belly

This week I was pleasantly surprised by beautiful rainfall and some intense thunder storms. I absolutely love that we had some rain this week because oh California, we needed it! Thursday morning/afternoon I heard some of the loudest thunder I have ever heard in my whole life! Holy crap, good thing I wasn't full term because that shit was scary enough to induce labor! And poor little Darcy was so petrified, I had to put a sweater on her, wrap her up like a burrito, and rock her while I held her close to me. Mama in training! 

During one of the rainstorms
On my way home from the doctors, going through Garner Valley. It was in the 60s and totally felt like an autumn sunset.
The temp. this morning on the way to our hike!

Besides bringing cooler weather, the storm also meant that I got to cuddle with the pups and stay inside wearing sweats for most of the day :)

We also celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary (I did a flashback to our wedding in my last post) and were able to see Mamma this weekend after not seeing her for two months!

This weekend in one word was relaxing. I feel like we have both been exhausted lately--Aaron with work and me with being pregnant and weighing over 20 pounds heavier than I use to weigh. The last few weekends haven't really been easy with fixing our fridge, getting the car windshield replaced, and last weekend with trying to fix a leak in Aaron's tire after running over a nail. So THIS weekend we just needed to frickin' relax and not have any plans! The only thing I really wanted to do was go on a little hike, so this morning we did a 4-6 mile hike with my mom and step-dad. It made me feel good because I got off my ass for a couple of hours and worked out, and then felt justified sitting on the couch with Aaron, watching a movie and eating kettle corn later that afternoon :)

Feeling like my belly can't get any bigger . . . but it will.

And now for the weekly update:

Week: 32

Weight gain: 23 lbs!!!! Holy crap I gained 4 lbs in 2 weeks!

Symptoms: REALLY felt pregnant this week and just astonished at how big my belly has gotten! I feel tired more than ever so I was really thankful for an easy week and relaxing weekend :)

Changes: Noticing/feeling Little G’s hiccups more often! So cute! Also, she is getting so strong—my whole stomach moves when she moves. I can’t believe she is around (or at least) 4 lbs!

Clothes: Sweats, leggings, and workout pants . . . even when I’m not working out. Don’t judge.

Sleep: Can’t get enough of you baby.

Missing:  Alcohol Energy!

Cravings: Sweets.

Best moment this week: Having no plans for this weekend and finally seeing Mamma :))

Looking forward to: My baby shower next weekend! Can’t wait to spend time with all my lovely lady friends & family.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

3 years married!

Although we both worked today and couldn't really have a big celebration together, today was our 3 year wedding anniversary!!! Time has gone by so quickly and I couldn't imagine my life with anyone else! I just know that Aaron is "my person" and we totally get each other--our humor, our morals, our goals and priorities. We are on the same page with (almost) everything, and the things we disagree on, we talk about (communication is everything!). No relationship is perfect but I feel so incredibly blessed to have him in my life and that we share such an amazing life together. I am thrilled we are able to bring a little human into this world--a perfect little combination of the two of us--and that our little family will be just a little bit bigger come this October :)

 Flashback to our wedding day:

Our venue

First glance
Saying "I do"

First kiss as a married couple!

First dance

Cutting the cake

The unforgettable removal of the garter 

Dancing the night away . . . 

Love you babe!

Monday, August 18, 2014

We finally have our dresser!

As I end week 31, I could not be happier to announce that we FINALLY have our dresser for Baby G!!!
I am absolutely in love with this vintage french provincial style dresser and the matching nightstand we bought with it. It was a one of a kind craigslist find. After searching the internet, several local furniture stores and yard sales for months, I finally came across this set and knew I had to have it. I emailed the lady right away and made an appointment for Aaron to go check it out and hopefully buy it. However, after he checked it out he called me and said that it wasn't anything like the pictures online. He said it was in terrible condition and not worth the price so he left empty handed. I was heart broken and couldn't believe I had to start my search all over again. I was sooo upset. But then as he pulled up into the driveway, I saw something big in the backseat . . . It turned out he was pulling my leg and loved the set as much as I did! What a relief!!

As I mentioned in my last post, I had my sister stay with me this week which was a ton of fun. I totally miss her now that she's back home and wish she could visit again this week. We had a lot of relaxing and great days together, from watching our favorite TV shows and making dinner together, to shopping and going to concerts in the park. I feel like the older we get the stronger our relationship becomes.
concert in the park
My favorite part of the week is when Aaron and I get to spend time together on the weekend. This weekend was no exception although it didn't quite go according to planned. Not only did we lock ourselves out of the house on Saturday, but Sunday morning Aaron ran over a nail which meant searching for a place that was open off the hill in hopes of fixing his tire in time for him to drive his car to work that night/this morning. It totally threw off our plans for the day, and was not ideal spending the afternoon in hot and sticky Hemet when we could have been hiking in beautiful Idyllwild, but the important part was that we spent time together :)

A day shopping and relaxing in the desert.
I also ordered baby girl's changing table and changing pad, which was the last furniture piece (aside from the rocking chair at my mom's house . . . which is a whole other story) for her room! It is fun but at the same time kind of a chore to spend hours online picking out these pieces and reading endless reviews, trying to get the best pieces for the best prices. But I can finally say the furniture for her room is all picked out! 

Looks a little grey in this picture, but the table is pure white

Some things we still need for the nursery:
-curtains + curtain rod
-rug (optional)
-bookshelves (I like these floating shelves from Ikea)
-wicker basket for her toys
-laundry hamper 
-shelving system in closet

Of course there's still about 128383462 things we need but I'm planning on waiting until after the shower to buy everything else we have on the registry that I know we will need right away (bottles, safety gates, cloth diapers, carriers, etc.)

So now that I am officially 32 weeks pregnant, it's time for the weekly recap ;)

Week: 31
Weight gain: 20 or 21 lbs?
Symptoms: Charley horses in the morning & fatigue at night.
Changes: Belly getting bigger, breathing room getting smaller.
Clothes: Dresses, leggings & tank tops.
Sleep: Loooving it.
Missing:  A martini!
Cravings: Anything with protein and sweets (which I always crave at night).
Best moment this week: Having my sister stay with us for a whole week! And of course FINALLY getting our dresser!! Love you babe!
Looking forward to: Fall . . . although I am totally loving the sound of the crickets chirping outside—the epitome of summer nights!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Autumn on my mind

It's been a great week so far, hanging out with my sister and enjoying the beautiful summer weather up here in the mountains. Our nights are getting cooler, and I'm wanting to believe that it is starting to feel a lot like fall :)

Today was a busy day! Elle and I went down the hill to take a tour of a different hospital that would be closer to us than the one where my obgyn delivers. Overall I liked the hospital (maternity unit) a little more, and think it would be easier on everyone (Aaron & family) if I delivered there. The only problem is that I would have to find a new doctor. After speaking to the director of the women's center today on our tour, she recommended a doctor she thought I would feel comfortable with, so now it is just up to me and what I want to do. I would need to make an appointment with this new doctor and have my files transferred if I choose to deliver at this new hospital, so now I'm just trying to figure out the best move!

After the tour, Elle and her boyfriend and I headed over to Ruby's where I downed a milkshake, veggie burger and fries. It was so satisfying and nostalgic all at once (5 pounds later).

Fueled up, we headed to the desert hills outlets where I bought a birthday gift for Aaron (score!), something for Mamma, and a couple of cute things for Baby G. I told myself I wasn't going to buy any more baby clothes, but I walked into Carter's, one of my all time favorite baby stores, and just couldn't resist. Their stuff is too cute and so affordable, it's ridiculous.
Here's what I bought:
So love this Halloween onesie!

Obsessed with this tutu & leggings combo--have already paired it with other onesies!

Dog lover--how could I not??
And then I saw this stuff (don't worry, I somehow managed to refrain from buying these Turkey Day pieces):
And then I saw these, and it was all over. Cuteness. Christmas. Overload. 

Right now I am satisfied with my Halloween finds, but you know I will be eying these bad boys until Thanksgiving rolls around. . .

And since we're on the topic of babies and shopping . . . we dropped into Kate Spade today where the very sharp sales lady noticed I was pregnant and was eager to show me all of their adorable baby bags. I don't think there is a comparison to what I saw today--I am in love!
My favorite as of now

Also love this black, white & pink bag!

And to top it all off, all these bags were basically 50% off. I wanted to buy one so bad but decided to hold off a little longer :)

We topped the day off by going to the concert in the park which was featuring a great Motown band that had everybody dancing and singing along. So much fun!

Tomorrow is Friday and I am so excited to spend time with my love this weekend. Our weeks get so busy and I just really crave quality time together. After work tomorrow Aaron is planning on checking out this vintage french provincial dresser I saw on craigslist. I hope, hope, hope it's as good in person as it looks online, because it is exactly what I have been looking for (these last few months!). It will be nice to finally be done with the dresser search--it has been sooo exhausting trying to find the perfect piece for the perfect price!

Will keep you all updated ;)

Monday, August 11, 2014

10 weeks until due date!

Waking up to Monday rain is the best. It makes me feel like fall is right around the corner, especially when we have beautiful weather in the 70s like we did this weekend.
This past week was week 30 in pregnancy land which is extremely exciting and makes me feel like I am oh-so-close to due date! You don't really realize how incredibly long pregnancy is until you are pregnant and anxiously awaiting the day you meet the little life growing inside you. I feel like I am constantly counting down the days!
This past week I felt super busy, between work, running errands, going to another doctor's appointment down in the desert, registering at a hospital and taking a tour, I was exhausted. I tried to make myself relax on my day off by soaking my feet in my homemade bath salts and putting on a face mask. I feel like I have not been as good about pampering myself lately. I literally have to make a note of it and force myself to relax.

This weekend was really pleasant despite the unfortunate event that happened to us on our romantic Friday night together. We had just finished a wonderful dinner Aaron had made and were settling down to watch a movie, when a napkin fell behind the fridge and got caught in the fridge fan. We needed to get it out so it wouldn't start a fire, but when we moved the fridge, the plastic tube that feeds water to the ice machine broke and water was spraying everywhere. WTF. Aaron squeezed behind the fridge where he spent the next 3.5 hours in a cramped space while I ran up and down our property turning off and on the water to our house. Basically it was a hot mess that ended in us going to bed at 2am without ever watching a movie. 
The next day Aaron went to the hardware store where he figured out the idiot who installed our fridge used the wrong parts which meant that our fridge was leaking water since it was installed! All that is to say my husband is a genius self-taught handy man and fixed our fridge on his own :) Let me know if you ever need the number to a handyman ;)

The best part of this week was definitely my Sunday hike with Aaron. We had beautiful weather and there is really nothing better than sharing good conversation with the one you love while walking through majestic wilderness :)

Week: 30
Weight gain: 19 pounds 
Symptoms: Since I’ve entered the 3rd trimester I have been getting terrible Charley horses in my calves when I stretch in bed in the morning. Worst. Thing. Ever.
Changes: Less breathing room as baby girl is getting bigger—noticed it on our hike, big time!
Clothes: Loving my new maternity dresses I got off Ebay (wearing one in the picture above). They are so comfortable and the perfect length!
Sleep: Had one sleepless night this week, but other than that, good. Finally decided to buy a pregnancy pillow! However I couldn’t justify spend $100+ on a pillow so when I went to Target, I checked out their body pillows and found one I really loved for only $10! I bought this super soft and fluffy white pillow cover for another $10 and was overall very happy with my purchase!
Missing:Being able to exercise without breathing hard! (I bet you thought I was going to say alcohol.)
Cravings: Fish & decaf iced mochas made with soy milk.
Best moment this week: Hiking with the hubs :)
Looking forward to: Spending this week with my beautiful sister!