Saturday, May 30, 2015

Summer Baby

Memorial Day always feels like the unofficial first day of summer--and honestly, I don't think I've ever been so excited for warm weather! There is something about baby skin and sunshine that just makes me happy. I am loving dressing Bendelle in short sleeves and bloomers, loving being able to spend more time outdoors together, and also loving not having to turn on the heat and burn through our propane tank! Wohoo!

I cannot believe that Bendelle will be 8 months in less than two weeks. Time just seems to be flying by, but I am enjoying getting to experience all the holidays and seasons with a baby for the first time. And now that summer is (almost) here, it's all about the dresses, tank tops and shorts for Belles. I am constantly reminding myself to keep a bottle of baby sunblock in the diaper bag at all times! And I must say, I just love the way she smells when she's lathered in sunblock!

We went on a hike the other day which was kind of a shitshow because we brought the dogs and it was at least 85 degrees so they had to stop every 3 minutes and drink water. On top of that, the sunblock that I used was attracting bugs so Bendelle and I were being hunted by flies the whole time. All in all we only hiked for about 45 minutes but somehow we still had a good time. I think as long as we spend some time outside as a family everyone is happy.  :)

In about a month we will be heading to the East Coast to visit Aaron's family, and it will be the first time most of them will meet Bendelle! I am not looking forward to the plane ride, but for once I am thankful we have a layover so we'll be able to move around with her and hopefully she won't be as bored as she would have been on a nonstop flight. I am already thinking about what to bring and what we'll be able to leave behind--we've never flown with a baby but I know our luggage will now double with Bendelle!
I am definitely excited for summer BBQs and maybe a trip or two to Temecula for wine tasting this season. Bring on the sunshine :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

7 Months

Bendelle turned 7 months old on Mother's Day and all of a sudden I feel like she's a big girl. Is she really 7 months already?? Same kind of feeling I had this year after turning 26--am I really not in my early 20s anymore??

She is sitting up on her own (with occasional falls every now and then), has discovered a new body part--her tongue--and has found it amusing to stick it out and blow bubbles at all the right moments. 

One of my new favorite things that she does is her "feisty face," as I like to call it.

It's her funny/crazy/mad scientist/insane look that is accompanied by heavy breathing and it gets me every time.

She is a big eater (as she has always been) and is really loving her veggies, fruits and baby oatmeal. And I am really loving the fact that I have about 15 bibs that I once thought was more than I'd need. Oh boy was I wrong!

She still loves her baths and has started vigorously splashing around with her hands and feet. I have just started to let her sit up in the bath, and I swear she would sit there all day splashing in the water if she could.

She enjoys playing with toys more than ever and is always testing out what tastes good. She has a blast ripping off her shoes and chewing on them--especially if they are leather--and will snatch any kind of paper product she can and try to eat it before I notice.

I am loving being able to see more of her personality as she gets older. She is a very animated, opinionated, determined, and adorable little heartthrob that I can't get enough of. And I love her more and more each and every day.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

This year was my very first Mother's Day as a mom! I can't tell you how incredibly special I felt waking up that morning knowing I was part of the "mom's club," and baby girl must have known what was up because she even slept in!

Mother's Day weekend was spent in Seal Beach at my mom's house. It was snowing at our house when we left, and I was honestly anxious to escape to the beach because even the marine layer and 67 degree weather upon arrival felt like summer compared to our cool mountain weather as of late. And who doesn't want to see exposed baby skin? Rolls for days.

Our weekend consisted of shopping, frozen yogurt, eating at all our favorite spots on Main St., tons of beach walks, going out for drinks, and spending an evening at my favorite restaurant with our best friends while my mom babysat Bendelle-- Happy Mother's Day to me!

Mother's Day I was so happy because Aaron took the dogs on an early walk and let me sleep in while he made breakfast with Noelle for everyone. I also got so many sweet calls and texts from people wishing me happy mother's day, which made me feel so loved and special. After breakfast my mom, sister, Aaron and I (and Bendelle of course) decided to take all four of our dogs to dog beach! We left earlier than we usually go and got great parking and had a blast. It honestly fills my heart with joy when I see our pups gallivanting along the water, chasing each other and playing with other dogs, simply having the time of their lives.

And Belles was thoroughly entertained the whole time! 
Aaron was so sweet and got me a thoughtful card and beautiful gold necklace with Bendelle's birthstones for MD. It's such unique and beautiful piece, just like my precious girl ;)

We strolled down Main St. and relaxed most of the afternoon before going out for drinks in the evening. I am noticing as she gets older, her patience is dwindling away at the dinner table. We struggled a little bit with her which only made me even more thankful that my mom watched her the previous night when we went out!

The past week and a half I have been feeling under the weather--some days are worse than others (headaches and sore throats), but I am honestly so glad we spent the weekend at the beach. With my mamma, as a mom on Mother's Day, what better way could it have been spent?

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A little bit of advice

Two things I am loving right now: spring weather & this age and stage with Bendelle. She is so animated and silly, I can barely handle it. I remember thinking how big of a milestone 6 months would be, and it has truly surpassed our expectations. She is so talkative and lively, always wanting to put her hands in something. But she is also being so good about taking her two daily naps, it just makes me so happy! We are still working on getting her to not wake up so many times during the night, and I think the answer is to just give her a big meal (cereal or veggies) on top of her milk righhhht before she goes to sleep.

She does this new thing where she sticks out her tongue and blows bubbles, which is hilarious, except for when she does it after I feed her food she doesn't like #carrotseverywhere. And she has always loved her baths, but now that she has started splashing the water with her little hands and feet, she never wants to get out! (So much like her mama ;) )

On Monday Aaron and I watched our step-niece for a few hours and it was fun to get a glimpse at what it would be like to have two kids. I know they will be closer in age (my niece is almost 6) so that most likely means fighting all the time, but I'm still excited to have another kid  . . . one day!

Speaking of, a handful of people we know right now are pregnant! I get so excited when other people are expecting, especially now since I have Bendelle, I feel like more little ladies get to be part of the same exciting, crazy world I've been living in for the past (almost) 7 months. And if I can give you ladies any advice before baby comes, here it is

Enjoy being pregnant. Especially with your first, because there is something very peaceful when you are sitting in your quiet house one night after a long day and you feel her kick, and it is just you and her, your first baby. I have a feeling that by the time you have your second, pregnancy will be twice as exhausting because you'll be chasing around and being a parent to baby #1. So enjoy this pregnancy, the calm before the storm. Treat yourself to little things that may just seem like little things now, but may take a bit more work to enjoy once baby makes her debut--date nights, a pregnancy massage, a mani/pedi, SLEEPING IN, a long walk on the beach, or a marathon of your favorite TV show--whatever you can think of! I'm not saying you will never be able to enjoy these things again, but trust me, it becomes a lot harder to have some good quality "me" time once baby comes. And I don't think any mama has ever regretted the time and money they spent on making the nursery the one of their dreams. Have fun with it! This is your little creative space, and trust me, you will spend a lot of time changing her diapers, playing with her, putting her down for naps, feeding her, and getting her dressed in this space, so make it one YOU will enjoy! And mamas! Learn to love your growing body and appreciate the miracle of being able to have this tiny seed grow to be as big as a watermelon right inside your tummy! I think most will agree--there is definitely something beautiful about a pregnant woman. There are a bagillion other things I would love to say, but nap times are only so long . . .