Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Half a year, my dear

I know I have been kind of (majorly) slacking in the blogging department, but keeping up with this little stinker has been a workout!

I can't believe our little Belle is 6 months old already! I remember this time last year being pregnant and not even being able to imagine what it would be like to have a baby. Now, I can barely remember what life was like before her!

We have been having beautiful spring weather over here (until today, since it is suppose to rain all week), so we've been spending a ton of time outdoors. I love being outside together with the whole family, because the pups especially love little adventures ;)

Bennet got "stuck" in the water at the lake.

Six months is definitely my favorite age so far. Her personality has definitely blossomed and she is more fun (and more work!) now than ever. She is a little roly poly-no joke, she can make it across the room faster than you can wash your hands. And she is so very talkative-if only I knew what she was saying! She makes the funniest little noises, my favorite is when she sticks out her tongue and blows, making a little tooting sound (the best way I can describe it right now).

She has begun her journey into the food world, delving into different veggies and fruits. Her favorites so far have been green beans (my little health nut!) and pumpkin, which is also great for her. She hates zucchini and anything too sweet. Now that she has begun to taste all these different flavors, she also hates her rice cereal.

As soon as she turned 6 months she was magically tall enough to walk in the car walker. Up until then (literally a couple days before her half birthday), we were putting a pillow underneath her feet because she wasn't tall enough to stand in it by herself. Now she is moving all over the place (until she crashes into a wall or something).

She also got her first teeth when she turned six months! Her two front bottom teeth started to poke out and we were so excited to see them. It was right before Easter when it happened and all I could think about was how much she looked like a little bunny ;)

She loves being in new places and being around people. She enjoys playing with her stuffed animals and toys which is so entertaining for us, and only makes me want to buy her every cute little toy on the planet. When I read to her she tries to grab the drawings on the pages, she is just so interactive with everything. But this babe gets bored reaaaally quickly, so I am constantly running around to different little stations around the house trying to keep her stimulated. Thank God for nap time, even when they are only 25 minutes.  :)