Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Big Move

I know. It has been waaay too long since I have last written. So much has happened since my last entry—most importantly, our big move!

It’s kind of magical the way it happened. I have dreamt about having my very own house for a couple of years, but in the distant future kind of way where we say, “I can’t wait until I (INSERT DREAM HERE) one day . . .” It is one of those big steps in life that deserves popping open your most expensive champagne (which of course we did upon moving in).  It started out as going house hunting, “to see what was out there.” We picked one of our favorite cities and my mom’s realtor and spent the day imagining ourselves in each home we toured. It was so incredibly fun to go house hunting and visualizing our lives filling up each and every house we walked into (although there were some homes where it was all I could do to NOT run out the front door). At the end of the day we had several prospects, and were seriously considering the reality of moving to this quiet mountain town we had spent the day touring. We were familiar with Idyllwild but it would be different to live in this small town full time. Could we really do it? Could I really go from living in the city and near the beach my whole life to suddenly living in a modest town resting on a mountain top? We flirted with the idea and the houses we saw, keeping one a little higher on our list. We decided we had nothing to lose by acting on our dreams. Let’s just see what happens. We put an offer in on a house not too far from town, with a circular driveway, pine floors and ceilings (but not in the cabin-y way you are probably imagining), that was perched up on a little hill from the street. It was beautiful. It was us. The listing price was fair, so we were prepared to offer full price . . . but we didn’t have to—the seller accepted our first offer! (Side note to other first time buyers: This is extremely rare!) The following day the seller received three more offers.  Trust me when I say timing (and prayer!) was everything.  If we would have waited a few more hours, I would not be writing this entry from the desk in our office overlooking these beautiful, venerable pine trees standing just outside our window.
                                          I am grateful every day for these views.

Throughout this process of house hunting and buying our home, I realized the value in taking chances more than ever. When it comes to going after your dreams, sometimes it pays to be bold and just go for it. Three months ago I would have never thought I'd be a home owner at 24. And never would I have imagined our first home would be so beautiful.