Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bubble baths & chai lattes

Week 15 in Pregnancy Land started out a little rough when at the beginning of this week I caught some type of bug or virus. For 2-3 days I had a pulsing headache and an upset stomach. I was not a happy camper and on top of it all I took a couple of ibuprofen without even thinking and was totally freaking out after reading about a thousand articles on why pregnant women shouldn't take ibuprofen. After finally getting in contact with my doctor the next day, I felt better about my one time consumption of the no-no drug, even though I still felt more anxious than ever for my next appointment! One appointment every four weeks is NOT enough sometimes.
I finally relaxed, took a bubble bath (that wasn't as scorching hot as I would have liked, so baby would be comfortable), and read.

 And for the weekly chalkboard update . . . 


Weight gain: Will find out tomorrow.

Symptoms: Aside from getting sick, feeling pretty good this week!

Changes: A bigger tummy & no more achy boobs it seems . . . welcome to the second trimester!

Clothes: If I wear jeans, must wear a very loose fitting top to avoid the chipotle burrito belly look.

Sleep: Sleep was rough this week while feeling sick.

Missing: Being able to take ibuprofen & other drugs when feeling like crap.

Cravings: Chai lattes! I bought decaf chai mix from Target this weekend which is amaaaaazing.

Best moment this week: Finally feeling better and going on a long walk with the hubby & pups on this beautiful Sunday afternoon :)

Looking forward to: Tomorrow!! I don’t think I will be able to see tonight in anticipation of finding out the sex tomorrow! It’s like Christmas Eve, that’s how excited I am.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Pregnancy Countdown Begins!

On my 25th birthday this year, I received the BEST birthday gift ever--a very faint positive sign on a pregnancy test, which meant than in less than nine months I would be a mama!
The test I took the eve of my birthday (when I was CONVINCED I was pregnant).

I cannot tell you how excited I was yet at the same time how anxious I was for the first trimester to be behind me. Nobody really mentions before you start trying to have a baby, how scary the first trimester is! I barely wanted to share the news until I knew my baby was healthy. At our first doctor's appointment I estimated I was 8 weeks along and the doctor confirmed that I was EXACTLY 8 weeks (mad props to me). Since my period is extremely irregular I didn't want to go off my LMP (last missed period) to determine Baby G's due date. Luckily my doctor was able to use the ultrasound to measure the baby and give me a due date! Not only was I able to see my little Bumpkin and his/her heart beat (which was INCREDIBLE) but I was given a date to start the countdown!
I cannot express how crazy excited we are to have this little miracle growing inside me. 
Since I had a couple of chalkboards, I knew the moment I found out I was pregnant that I wanted to do weekly chalkboard updates on my pregnancy progress. I started our first chalkboard one week after our first appointment at 9 weeks.

Such a fun week! At week 8 we got to see Baby G’s heartbeat which was INCREDIBLE! I was very proud of myself for being spot-on and guessing I was about 8 weeks. The ob-gyn was able to do a transvaginal ultrasound and see the baby!! It was so amazing; I was speechless in the best way.
Week: 9              
Weight gain: Since we have only had one appointment, I don’t know officially how much weight I have gained, but since I first became pregnant I would say 2 pounds.
Symptoms: My boobies are sooo sore! This was actually my first pregnancy symptom and what probed me to take a pregnancy test! Every once in a while I will get that car-sick kind of nausea, but I have been very fortunate to not have any morning sickness!
Changes: Bigger boobs and a slowly expanding (and probably not noticeable by anyone but me) waistline.
Clothes: Still wearing my normal clothes and putting on my favorite jeans whenever I can while they still fit!
Sleep: I am CONSTANTLY tired—like sneaking to bed at 8pm when I can and taking catnaps during the day with the pups. They aren’t complaining though ;)
Missing:  Maybe a cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer. I know I’m allowed a small cup of coffee a day, but I’m choosing to pass up caffeine (with the exception of hot chocolate, which has little to no caffeine).
Cravings: Anything fruity and sweet! Smoothies, apples with peanut butter, strawberries, pineapple & twizzlers.
Best moment this week: Coming back home after a fun and relaxing weekend in Indian Wells watching tennis at the BNP Paribas Open. It was nice to have a mini vacation and get some sun! And as always, it’s always great to come back to home sweet home :)
Looking forward to: Our next doctor’s appointment at the end of the month! 

Week:10-double digits!! Wohoo!
Weight gain: Not sure maybe 2-3 pounds but feels like 7!
Symptoms: Weird & intense dreams!
Changes: Even though I’m not quite showing yet, I feel like my stomach has expanded so much! Basically, I look like I’m always full.
Clothes: Still comfortably fitting into my jeans.
Sleep: Still always tired, and as I said before, weird dreams every once in a while
Missing:  Earl Grey tea
Cravings: Tea, sweets & fruit
Best moment this week: Spending time with my mamma this whole week & receiving our first parents-to-be card!
Looking forward to: March 31st—our next appointment!
Weight gain: Will find out soon!
Symptoms:  Sooo tired
Changes: Even though I’m not quite showing yet, I feel like my stomach has expanded so much! Basically, I look like I’m always full.
Clothes: Still comfortable in all my clothes!
Sleep: Tired during the day but even more of a light sleeper this week
Missing:  Cocktails!
Cravings: Mexican food
Best moment this week: While Aaron was away on business, I got to spend quality time with my family. During the first part of the week my dad came up and stayed at the house with me for a few days. Then I drove down with the pups to visit my mom and sister in Seal Beach for some much needed girl time! I loved being so close to the ocean again and in CIVILIZATION! The puppies got to play with their cousins and mama got to relax and do some much needed shopping ;)
Looking forward to: Monday-our 12 week appointment!
Weight gain: 3 pounds
Symptoms: Sore boobs during my runs :( 
Changes: Don’t quite have the bump yet but I do feel like my stomach is starting (trying) to round out.
Clothes: Wear those jeans as long as possible!
Sleep: Sleeping soundly and best when cuddled with the hubs and pups all in one bed :)
Missing: My painless runs!
Cravings: Coffee-usually I don’t crave coffee but this week it just sounded so great!
Best moment this week: Going to our doctor’s appointment and find out Baby G is healthy and we are both doing great! So wonderful to HEAR baby’s heartbeat & see more developed on the ultrasound! SO AMAZING!
Looking forward to: Moving into the 2nd trimester.

Weight gain: 3 pounds
Symptoms: Feeling good, but still lacking in energy
Changes: I swear I could feel my stomach starting to stretch out
Clothes: Comfortable in jeans and loose shirts that hide this awkward stage of pregnancy
Sleep: Had one restless night, but most nights I sleep good (aside from being accompanied by crazy dreams)
Missing: A glass of wine with dinner
Cravings: MEXICAN FOOD, chocolate milk, sweets.
Best moment this week: Spending some amazing quality time with the hubby on the weekend. It really felt like we had more time together this week which was much needed!
Looking forward to: Telling all of you I got knocked up!

Weight gain: 3 pounds
Symptoms: Bloating . . . or is that just called pregnancy?
Changes: Gurgling stomach, sounds like a lot is happening in there. Not convinced I feel the baby kicking yet, but my tummy does seem to be more active than usual (digesting?) probably because of the baby and his/her development.
Clothes: Noticed at the end of this week how my tighter pairs of jeans have become a little uncomfortable. Totally staying away from tight fitting tops until I’m out of this pregnancy awkward stage and have developed a nice round bump.
Sleep: Great but waking up with headaches probably from being a little dehydrated.
Missing: Cocktails . . . I ordered a virgin drink both times we went out to eat at Mexican restaurants this week.
Cravings: Still Mexican food, fruits & chocolate milk (which I read in one of my baby books, is great to drink during the second trimester). I have been making this chocolate, peanut butter, banana smoothie at night when I get my sweet cravings—works like a charm!
Best moment this week: Telling EVERYONE I got knocked up! It was sooooooo exciting to finally spread the news and share with all our friends and family that we are pregnant. It was great to receive messages and phone call from people telling us congratulations and made us even more excited (which I didn’t think was possible) to have this baby.
Looking forward to: Finding out in 8 days whether Baby G is a boy or girl! What do you think??