Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

Happy November everyone! It's a little sad that Halloween has come and gone, but I'm more excited than anything to continue the holiday season with Little Miss B :)

Obviously Bendelle was too young to really enjoy Halloween this year, which meant the holiday basically revolved around me and Aaron. Leading up to Friday night we watched tons of scary movies (like every Halloween sequel ever made), and kept the fireplace lit up as the weather stayed nice and cool. 

Friday morning Bendelle had her first doctor's appointment, where it was confirmed that she is a very healthy baby! She gained a little over a pound and was one inch taller, three weeks after birth.

I gained a WHOLE POUND? her expression reads
Aaron came home in the afternoon, we ate lunch, and then went into town for the Halloween parade. We took Bendelle (dressed up as Bat Girl) and Darcy (dressed as a crocodile, hilarious), but poor Bennet is not good with strangers and had to stay home.

We were blessed with perfect Halloween weather that evening--brisk, foggy, and beautiful. It was fun to see everyone dressed up in their costumes in town, especially families dressed up in themed costumes. Instead of going door to door, kids trick or treat in town at local businesses and up and down the main street in town that gets closed off from traffic where locals sit out and give away candy. The holiday kind of brings the town together, which I really love. 

People go all out for Halloween in our town, so it was entertaining to see a guy run around with a chainsaw, and a serial killer clown.

It was so cute to see all the dogs in town dressed up, and I can easily say Darcy had the time of her life. She was so proud in her crocodile costume and loved socializing with all the other dogs. :)

We decided it was time to go once we could see our own breath and it started to get dim outside. So we ended the night watching scary movies and eating Ben and Jerry's . . . which was absolutely perfect.

Saturday was a wonderful lazy day. We woke up to rain and decided to lounge around in our sweats and keep the fireplace going all day into the night. We ventured out in the evening to the coffee shop in town and drank caramel lattes while Bendelle napped in her car seat.

Sunday my grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousin came up to visit and totally spoiled us by cooking us dinner and bringing up gifts for Bendelle. It was a big deal for everyone because not only was it their first time seeing Bendelle in person, but she is my grandparent's first great grandchild. It was so sweet watching my grandma and grandpa take turns holding her. My grandpa was so proud of his little great granddaughter and after raising five children it was apparent my grandma still had her magic touch with babies.

I was especially sad once the weekend was over and Aaron had to return to work, especially after such a fun and peaceful few days together as a family. But we have so much to look forward to with our moms coming to visit this month! And I can't believe that this Friday Bendelle will be one month old!

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