Friday, November 28, 2014

Holidays with Mr & Mrs G

Our little pilgrim
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a festive Black Friday! We had a low key first Thanksgiving with Bendelle and her Gma and a very relaxing day after. Even though we didn't host a huge Turkey Day for a ton of people, I really appreciated being able to wake up slow, sip coffee and lounge around in my pjs before we all gathered in the kitchen to cook together.

 We took our time waking up today and made our way down to the desert in the afternoon. We didn't really do any crazy shopping, but I DID snag some deals online this morning--the best kind of shopping! My favorite shopping sites? JCrew & JCrew Factory, Abercrombie, Banana Republic, & Amazon.
Still looking forward to some Cyber Monday deals too :)

More than anything I have been loving getting to spend time with Aaron, Bendelle and her Gma. I don't want this week(end) to end. I wish we got to spend quality time together like this more often.

This weekend we will be taking down our fall decor and replacing the gourds on the mantel with Christmas stockings! We just ordered Bendelle a matching monogrammed stocking from Pottery Barn and a stocking holder to go with it, so hopefully we will get it soon! I am very excited for Christmastime this year and hope the season doesn't go by too fast!

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