Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Week & First Night Alone with Bendelle

Since Bendelle was born, I have been dreading the day that Aaron has to go back to work. It hasn't all been rainbows and unicorns, taking care of a newborn, but it has kind of felt like a fairy tale, having our whole family home together for two weeks. So when Aaron went to work last night, all I could think about were all the diapers he's changed, all the baths he's given Bendelle (which I have yet to do!), and how he has developed this magical touch that keeps her happy. But despite all my fears, I somehow made it through our first night alone together with some sleep (better than I expected!) and I only cried once! These past two weeks have given me such a deep appreciation for my husband and also for all you women who have had to do this alone. I am so grateful to have a husband who is such an enthusiastic father and I couldn't imagine parenthood without him.

Daddy's girl
How I managed to take a bath our first night without dad

Bendelle at 2 weeks old
This weekend we had the pleasure of seeing our best friends, who went above and beyond for us. Not only did they make an amaaazing pumpkin chili with all the fixings, but they brought wine and pomegranate juice (for me, in place of vino) so we wouldn't be stressed out at all with having people over. On top of that, they brought "pumpkin bark" dessert and even offered to change Bendelle's diaper! Mandy & Sean, I am so thankful for you guys :)

I could not be more excited for Halloween week! Even though I won't be doing some of the festive things I have done in the past (dress up, party, carve pumpkins, bake pumpkin seeds) just because this whole mommy thing is still new to me, I am so excited to spend our first holiday together with our little pumpkin. I'm glad Halloween falls on a Friday so Aaron will be with us on Halloween night :) That morning Bendelle has her first doctor's appointment, and then the rest is up to us. . . Our town goes all out for Halloween, with a parade and zombie run so we might go into town depending on how everyone is feeling. We already went to the Idyllwild haunted house which was so creative, spooky, and fun. I was so impressed with all the hard work that went into it and was happy my little cousin kind of forced us into going one night when she was visiting.

We introduced the pacifier this week! Lately it's hit or miss

Enjoying the Autumn weather and fall leaves during our walk on Sunday
So I think Halloween night will most likely look like a cozy night in front of fireplace and scary movie at home, which I am totally happy with :) But that doesn't mean I won't be dressing all my babies up . . . thanks to my friend Kendra, who gave me a ton of doggie outfits and costumes earlier this year, Darcy is going to be a crocodile and Bennet is dressing up as a lobster! They already have tried their costumes on and I swear Darcy would wear hers all month long if I let her (which would make for fun walks around the neighborhood). For my first Halloween, my parents dressed me up as Batman/girl, so I am continuing the tradition with Bendelle. I already bought a Batman onesie when I was pregnant with her, which will be accompanied by black and white striped leggings and a black tutu and bow.

I am so excited for our first holiday together, although I know she won't remember it. We finally have a little bumpkin to share our holiday enthusiasm with! :)

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