Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thankful Tuesday

First of all, I just want to say thank you to all the kind and encouraging comments from everyone (via Facebook) after my last post. You guys are the best!

Today Bendelle had her appointment with the doctor nurse practitioner in town. Let me start off by saying that I am so thankful we have a health center in town and that we don't have to drive all the way down the hill to take her in for check-ups and shots! I am starting to love our nurse practitioner because she really takes her time with Bendelle, and unlike my experience with a lot of doctors, she isn't quick to write up a prescription and send us on our way. After carefully looking over Bendelle's rash, she said it could either be from fragrances (we wash all her stuff in fragrance free detergent, but have been using Gain to wash our clothes and throw blankets, etc.) or from overheating a little. I think it could be either. We are often worried that she could get sick because it has been very chilly over here, so we have been bundling her up real good for walks and trips out of the house. Also, we use Burts Bees products and some of them have "natural fragrances," so I don't know if that could be causing the rash as well . . . For now we are going to try to avoid all products with any kind of fragrance and I am going to give her more oatmeal baths but bathe her less often. Even though we don't have a solid solution, I feel soooo much better after visiting our nurse. Pray her little rash gets better!

Onto more festive topics, Aaron's mom is coming to visit this Saturday for a whole week! I can't believe how fast time has flown by since Bendelle was born. November is already over halfway over and soon we will be decorating for Christmas! I am holding off until the day after Thanksgiving to put up our Christmas decorations, but let's be honest, the Christmas music has already begun! I absolutely love this time of year, and as crazy as it sounds I love the Christmas commercials on TV. I know, strange.

One of my FAVORITES!
The weather has been getting so cold and brisk over here and it has totally put us in the festive holiday mood. Aaron's schedule at work has just changed, so it has been a bit of an adjustment for everyone, but I am excited that he has a week off of work when his mom comes and we will have more family bonding time. This will be the first time Aaron's mom meets Bendelle, and also the first time she visits us in November. Even though she won't be spending Christmas with us this year, we are very excited for a Thanksgiving together.  And maybe we'll even get to do a little Christmas shopping together :)

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