Monday, November 10, 2014

One Month of Bendelle

I can't believe my little bumpkin is one month old already! It's still a little unbelievable that I have this beautiful baby girl, and it has been so fun watching her slowly grow. She already has so much personality, I can't even handle it.

She is a big eater, adorable sleeper, and loves to be held more than anything. Ever since she was born, we've said she is so observant because her little grey eyes are always opened wide and looking around. She lets us know when she's hungry by crying and sucking on her left hand. And when I feed her she's very dramatic with her gulping noises and deep breaths.

Right before she gets upset she'll do this funny little laugh. It's hysterical because it sounds like this nervous, evil little "hehe" right before she cries. We think she kind of sounds like a mad scientist. 

She loves her baths, just like her mama. And I'm also thankful that she is usually calm and relaxed when I take my baths because I have been sick all week (and weekend!), so sometimes I take two a day!

Aaron and I love taking her out on walks with the dogs. She usually falls asleep or we'll catch her looking up at all the fall trees and colorful leaves. It has been our favorite thing to do together as a family, especially since fall is our favorite time of year and the weather has been absolutely perfect up here.

As we celebrate her first month of life, I am so excited for all the other "firsts" yet to come. It has been such an amazing change in our lives, becoming parents, and I think it has only made us stronger as a couple. Bendelle, we love you more than anything :)

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