Monday, November 17, 2014

Manic Monday

Who knew that Mondays could be so hectic without even leaving the house? Yes, it is one of those  days. The kind of day where you change baby girl's outfit three times after she messes each one up because you don't want her to be uncomfortable, and everything seems to upset her today, yet you are stuck in the same National Lampoon's Christmas shirt with five layers of spit up caked on it that you put on yesterday, and you can't help but think how when you first put the shirt on it felt festive and fun and now it is the scariest thing ever because Christmas is less than six weeks away and you are nowhere close to buying all the gifts you need to buy and being ready for your favorite holiday ever.

Yup. Welcome to my day.

Poor Bendelle has developed this rash, and today it is worse than ever. It has spread from all over her face to her neck, chest, and belly. I made a doctor's appointment for tomorrow and gave her an oatmeal bath today. I can't help but feel terrible for her because it looks so uncomfortable.

So needless to say, today has been crazy. It has taken three hours to fold laundry because every time I put her down she screams like there are zombies hobbling up our driveway. And it doesn't help when someone actually is coming up the driveway because the dogs go batshit crazy and wake her up from her four minute nap that I was hoping would last two hours. No I don't want to buy firewood from you, and yes, I am happy with my religion. I really need to make buy one of these signs to make my life easier.

And it doesn't help that the house looks like the Sons of Anarchy came busting through here.
Because every time she starts to cry, I abandon the banana I was eating, the shirt I was folding, the shower I was about to take, the tea I was about to make . . . you get it.

After a weekend spent with my mom and sister, who helped out with Bendelle and kept her entertained and happy, my once seemingly possible goals when I woke up this morning of cleaning, vacuuming, doing a couple more loads of laundry, getting a head start on online Christmas shopping, and making a new recipe for dinner are now so far gone, I can't even imagine what I was thinking. Because the reality is I didn't put on a bra until 3 pm today. And as far as brushing my teeth goes? Yeah, that hasn't happened yet.

And no matter how many snacks I happen to get my hands on, my stomach is growling and I realize I am exhausted before it is even noon. I haven't worked out in months but my body is begging for rest and I somehow feel more worked than I did after spending two hours running hills in this altitude a year ago.

And I'm realizing this is sometimes what a day as a mom looks like. Chaotic. Messy. Unplanned. Yet in the midst of it all, you know every diaper blowout and projectile spit up to the face is completely worth it. Because at the end of the day you have this beautiful little miracle you get to hold in your arms, and she is everything. Even if that means you have to hold her in the same position throughout her nap to keep her happy. Because writing this blog with one hand took a little longer, but you did it :)

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