Sunday, August 24, 2014

Stormy weather & a bigger belly

This week I was pleasantly surprised by beautiful rainfall and some intense thunder storms. I absolutely love that we had some rain this week because oh California, we needed it! Thursday morning/afternoon I heard some of the loudest thunder I have ever heard in my whole life! Holy crap, good thing I wasn't full term because that shit was scary enough to induce labor! And poor little Darcy was so petrified, I had to put a sweater on her, wrap her up like a burrito, and rock her while I held her close to me. Mama in training! 

During one of the rainstorms
On my way home from the doctors, going through Garner Valley. It was in the 60s and totally felt like an autumn sunset.
The temp. this morning on the way to our hike!

Besides bringing cooler weather, the storm also meant that I got to cuddle with the pups and stay inside wearing sweats for most of the day :)

We also celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary (I did a flashback to our wedding in my last post) and were able to see Mamma this weekend after not seeing her for two months!

This weekend in one word was relaxing. I feel like we have both been exhausted lately--Aaron with work and me with being pregnant and weighing over 20 pounds heavier than I use to weigh. The last few weekends haven't really been easy with fixing our fridge, getting the car windshield replaced, and last weekend with trying to fix a leak in Aaron's tire after running over a nail. So THIS weekend we just needed to frickin' relax and not have any plans! The only thing I really wanted to do was go on a little hike, so this morning we did a 4-6 mile hike with my mom and step-dad. It made me feel good because I got off my ass for a couple of hours and worked out, and then felt justified sitting on the couch with Aaron, watching a movie and eating kettle corn later that afternoon :)

Feeling like my belly can't get any bigger . . . but it will.

And now for the weekly update:

Week: 32

Weight gain: 23 lbs!!!! Holy crap I gained 4 lbs in 2 weeks!

Symptoms: REALLY felt pregnant this week and just astonished at how big my belly has gotten! I feel tired more than ever so I was really thankful for an easy week and relaxing weekend :)

Changes: Noticing/feeling Little G’s hiccups more often! So cute! Also, she is getting so strong—my whole stomach moves when she moves. I can’t believe she is around (or at least) 4 lbs!

Clothes: Sweats, leggings, and workout pants . . . even when I’m not working out. Don’t judge.

Sleep: Can’t get enough of you baby.

Missing:  Alcohol Energy!

Cravings: Sweets.

Best moment this week: Having no plans for this weekend and finally seeing Mamma :))

Looking forward to: My baby shower next weekend! Can’t wait to spend time with all my lovely lady friends & family.

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