Monday, August 11, 2014

10 weeks until due date!

Waking up to Monday rain is the best. It makes me feel like fall is right around the corner, especially when we have beautiful weather in the 70s like we did this weekend.
This past week was week 30 in pregnancy land which is extremely exciting and makes me feel like I am oh-so-close to due date! You don't really realize how incredibly long pregnancy is until you are pregnant and anxiously awaiting the day you meet the little life growing inside you. I feel like I am constantly counting down the days!
This past week I felt super busy, between work, running errands, going to another doctor's appointment down in the desert, registering at a hospital and taking a tour, I was exhausted. I tried to make myself relax on my day off by soaking my feet in my homemade bath salts and putting on a face mask. I feel like I have not been as good about pampering myself lately. I literally have to make a note of it and force myself to relax.

This weekend was really pleasant despite the unfortunate event that happened to us on our romantic Friday night together. We had just finished a wonderful dinner Aaron had made and were settling down to watch a movie, when a napkin fell behind the fridge and got caught in the fridge fan. We needed to get it out so it wouldn't start a fire, but when we moved the fridge, the plastic tube that feeds water to the ice machine broke and water was spraying everywhere. WTF. Aaron squeezed behind the fridge where he spent the next 3.5 hours in a cramped space while I ran up and down our property turning off and on the water to our house. Basically it was a hot mess that ended in us going to bed at 2am without ever watching a movie. 
The next day Aaron went to the hardware store where he figured out the idiot who installed our fridge used the wrong parts which meant that our fridge was leaking water since it was installed! All that is to say my husband is a genius self-taught handy man and fixed our fridge on his own :) Let me know if you ever need the number to a handyman ;)

The best part of this week was definitely my Sunday hike with Aaron. We had beautiful weather and there is really nothing better than sharing good conversation with the one you love while walking through majestic wilderness :)

Week: 30
Weight gain: 19 pounds 
Symptoms: Since I’ve entered the 3rd trimester I have been getting terrible Charley horses in my calves when I stretch in bed in the morning. Worst. Thing. Ever.
Changes: Less breathing room as baby girl is getting bigger—noticed it on our hike, big time!
Clothes: Loving my new maternity dresses I got off Ebay (wearing one in the picture above). They are so comfortable and the perfect length!
Sleep: Had one sleepless night this week, but other than that, good. Finally decided to buy a pregnancy pillow! However I couldn’t justify spend $100+ on a pillow so when I went to Target, I checked out their body pillows and found one I really loved for only $10! I bought this super soft and fluffy white pillow cover for another $10 and was overall very happy with my purchase!
Missing:Being able to exercise without breathing hard! (I bet you thought I was going to say alcohol.)
Cravings: Fish & decaf iced mochas made with soy milk.
Best moment this week: Hiking with the hubs :)
Looking forward to: Spending this week with my beautiful sister!

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