Monday, August 18, 2014

We finally have our dresser!

As I end week 31, I could not be happier to announce that we FINALLY have our dresser for Baby G!!!
I am absolutely in love with this vintage french provincial style dresser and the matching nightstand we bought with it. It was a one of a kind craigslist find. After searching the internet, several local furniture stores and yard sales for months, I finally came across this set and knew I had to have it. I emailed the lady right away and made an appointment for Aaron to go check it out and hopefully buy it. However, after he checked it out he called me and said that it wasn't anything like the pictures online. He said it was in terrible condition and not worth the price so he left empty handed. I was heart broken and couldn't believe I had to start my search all over again. I was sooo upset. But then as he pulled up into the driveway, I saw something big in the backseat . . . It turned out he was pulling my leg and loved the set as much as I did! What a relief!!

As I mentioned in my last post, I had my sister stay with me this week which was a ton of fun. I totally miss her now that she's back home and wish she could visit again this week. We had a lot of relaxing and great days together, from watching our favorite TV shows and making dinner together, to shopping and going to concerts in the park. I feel like the older we get the stronger our relationship becomes.
concert in the park
My favorite part of the week is when Aaron and I get to spend time together on the weekend. This weekend was no exception although it didn't quite go according to planned. Not only did we lock ourselves out of the house on Saturday, but Sunday morning Aaron ran over a nail which meant searching for a place that was open off the hill in hopes of fixing his tire in time for him to drive his car to work that night/this morning. It totally threw off our plans for the day, and was not ideal spending the afternoon in hot and sticky Hemet when we could have been hiking in beautiful Idyllwild, but the important part was that we spent time together :)

A day shopping and relaxing in the desert.
I also ordered baby girl's changing table and changing pad, which was the last furniture piece (aside from the rocking chair at my mom's house . . . which is a whole other story) for her room! It is fun but at the same time kind of a chore to spend hours online picking out these pieces and reading endless reviews, trying to get the best pieces for the best prices. But I can finally say the furniture for her room is all picked out! 

Looks a little grey in this picture, but the table is pure white

Some things we still need for the nursery:
-curtains + curtain rod
-rug (optional)
-bookshelves (I like these floating shelves from Ikea)
-wicker basket for her toys
-laundry hamper 
-shelving system in closet

Of course there's still about 128383462 things we need but I'm planning on waiting until after the shower to buy everything else we have on the registry that I know we will need right away (bottles, safety gates, cloth diapers, carriers, etc.)

So now that I am officially 32 weeks pregnant, it's time for the weekly recap ;)

Week: 31
Weight gain: 20 or 21 lbs?
Symptoms: Charley horses in the morning & fatigue at night.
Changes: Belly getting bigger, breathing room getting smaller.
Clothes: Dresses, leggings & tank tops.
Sleep: Loooving it.
Missing:  A martini!
Cravings: Anything with protein and sweets (which I always crave at night).
Best moment this week: Having my sister stay with us for a whole week! And of course FINALLY getting our dresser!! Love you babe!
Looking forward to: Fall . . . although I am totally loving the sound of the crickets chirping outside—the epitome of summer nights!

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