Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014

I can't believe Christmas is over and by tomorrow at midnight will be bringing in the New Year. I always get a little sad after Christmas because more than anything I love the anticipation of the holidays, but this year all I could think about was how many new and exciting milestones we have to look forward to with Bendelle! I can't believe that next Christmas she'll be walking! 

We hosted both Christmas Eve and Christmas, but my sweet Mamma really did all the work. It really is harder to host with a (always hungry and still somewhat of a newborn) baby, so I was so thankful to have the helpful hands of my family around. :)

Overall we had a wonderful Christmas. Bendelle had so many gifts from our family, I felt like I had another baby shower! Among my favorites were an outdoor swing and a cute little pink Paris rocking chair (just stop), both from my Mamma. I loved watching everyone open their gifts, and so did Bendelle. Most entertaining day of her life, for sure.

I don't know if you can tell, but Bendelle's eyes are bluer than ever! They were grey when she was born, and about a month ago they turned blue! So funny because both Aaron and I have hazel eyes. I wonder if they will stay . . .  

I have been feeling so under the weather (it's been going around!), and have been so nervous about getting Bendelle sick, so my Mamma (the best mom in the world, if you haven't already figured that out), came up with my sister to help out for a couple of days. They were lifesavers. Seriously, made dinner, watched Bendelle while I took a nap, and took care of the pups. Aaron has to sleep during the day because he works at night, so the help was definitely appreciated! 

Today was tough as I was still getting over whatever the heck I had, and Bendelle also had to get a couple of shots. It was heartbreaking. But on the bright side, it snowed! And I like to think that brightened her day a little bit. ;)

We are excited for the New Year and to celebrate with our best friends, who plan on being part of our little winter wonderland for a night. I hope this year was as beautiful for you as it was for me.  :)

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