Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2 Months with Bendelle

I am six days late with this, but better late than never! 

I can't believe this little beauty is two months old already. I am loving this new stage of her being more alert and interactive. A huge milestone was when she first smiled around 4.5 weeks old, and since then it has been so rewarding and entertaining to see her flash that gummy grin.

Ever since she was born I said she seemed wise because she was so alert and curious. Her curiosity and vigilance grows daily, as she is able to now focus on our reflection and her own in the mirror, and studies objects and people with such interest.

A huge milestone for me was when she finally allowed herself to sleep in her bassinet through the night. We struggled with co-sleeping as she loves to be held, and it was very clear she preferred sleeping with us. I wasn't too nervous about me harming or suffocating her because I would literally stay in the same spot all night when we slept together. And as sweet and precious as it was to sleep facing each other all night, I was pretty uncomfortable (I'm a squirmy sleeper), and I was sick of everyone giving me that look when I told them she slept with us. 

So I tried EVERYTHING. Seriously everything. And finally one night, swaddled, with her Sleep Sheep on "rain," and pacifier securely in her little mouth, I rocked her to sleep in my arms and carefully put her in her bassinet. Her pacifier fell out of her mouth every 5 minutes, so every 5 minutes for an hour I would get up to put it back in, but thank you Jesus, she slept through the night. And the next night. And the one after that. And that whole week. And now, at last, we have a nightly routine and I could not be more proud of this seemingly small accomplishment.

I am told this first year flies by. One day you are holding your tiny baby in your arms and the next day they are walking and saying their first words. So I continue to hold on to these sweet little moments and milestones and cherish every moment this year will have to offer with my little miracle. :)

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