Sunday, December 21, 2014

Playing Santa & Seal Beach Weekend

I cannot believe that Christmas is THIS WEEK! Where has the time gone?? I honestly (and surprisingly) feel more prepared than I anticipated but of course I still have things on my to-do list.

My favorite goodies this year--chocolate covered pretzels. Also, the easiest thing EVER to make!

This weekend we went to Seal Beach (mom's house) for the first time ever with Bendelle! It was so nice to be back by the beach and celebrate my sister's 24th with her. We went out to a few of our favorite places and got our grub on, and got to check out a few new shops on Main St. that had their opening debut this weekend. It was fun to be back in civilization and enjoy all the perks of city living that I remember loving. From shopping, to baking, to dining out, getting drinks, grabbing coffee and walking around Seal Beach with the pups and Bendelle, we had such a blast. I was able to get some bonding time in with both my mom and sister, and Aaron, which is all I ever want for my weekends. 

We actually weren't planning on getting Bendelle any gifts this Christmas just because she is so young and won't really know or care about presents, but my mom convinced me to buy a couple of things for her (toys around 6+ months), and I'm so glad I did. Even though Aaron will have to open her gifts for her, I'm excited to play Santa for the first time ever and fill her stocking with a few small goodies. And I can't even imagine when I get to see her finally play with her toys this upcoming year!

Totally obsessed with the little piano I picked out for her!
It was such a nice change to have my mom around to help out and watch Bendelle. My mom is seriously the baby whisperer, and even offered to watch Bendelle one night while Aaron and I went out for a drink on my sister's birthday.

So this year not only are we hosting Christmas Eve, but we are also hosting Christmas day! It is going to be a little crazy, I'm sure, but oh so much fun! ;)

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