Monday, December 15, 2014

Winter Wonderland

This weekend really felt like winter up here in the mountains. We had a ton of rain and some snow, which the pups were thrilled about! If we are still living up here next year, I can only imagine how much fun Bendelle will have in the snow :)

crappy photo quality, but you get the idea
Last week Bendelle and I went to a "Friendsgiving" celebration with a bunch of wonderful people of Idyllwild. I have missed spending time with friends (as home life seems crazy with Bendelle and the pups), so it was nice to reconnect with everyone all while showing off my cute little sidekick ;)

My sister came up for the weekend, which is always fun because we've lived together most of our lives so when we get together, it's always easy and feels natural. My sister is great with babies and kids and offered to babysit one night, so Aaron and I finally had our first night out together! We went to a new(ish) restaurant in town called Idyology, that we've been dying to go to that's only open for dinner. We had a blast. Idyology had such a fun vibe and great food and wine. I also know some of the staff (waitress, bartender, chef), so it was great to see them in this new, trendy element. It was such an exciting, different night but after two hours I was happy to come home to my little lovebug.

This week my mom will be staying up here in her cabin to get some work done and prep the cabin for Christmas because our Grandparents are flying in from Florida and will be staying with her and her husband. Bendelle has an appointment on Wednesday to get some shots and come this weekend we are planning to head down to Seal Beach for the first time ever with Bendelle! I know it will be a little hectic, but I am excited to go down and spend time with my sister for her birthday.

I am so glad I am done with my Christmas shopping, because I have a feeling Christmas is going to come quickly!

Now if I could only get some baking done . . .  ;)

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