Saturday, October 18, 2014

Our First Week as Parents

It still feels surreal. I knew my growing stomach was a ticking time bomb, but it doesn't really hit you until you're holding your newborn baby in your arms. And that moment is one you'll never forget.

I was relieved when my doctor said we could leave the hospital 24 hours after Bendelle was born. I have heard of people staying 2-4 days and Aaron and I hate staying in hospitals. Despite everyone's advice to take advantage of the nurses and care given to you after birth, I was hobbling around the room packing our bags over an hour before we left.

Bendelle's first car ride, after making our escape.
It was such an amazing feeling bringing her home and introducing the pups to the new member of our family. Even though Bennet is overly curious, I can tell they both love their little sister.

This week has almost felt like a (stay at home) vacation to me, despite the lack of sleep I get and the pain I feel off and on. I am so incredibly thankful Aaron gets two weeks off through his work and we are able to bond as a family and be parents together. I may be her food source, but dad definitely wins in the diaper changing department. There is nothing sweeter than watching your husband bond with your newborn baby girl and see him become a wonderful dad.

We have also been blessed having my mom stay up here in Idy with us. Not only has she been a wonderful support system and here for advice, but she has gone out of her way to make us amazing meals, and has filled our fridge with much appreciated leftovers. I don't know what I would do without her.

As for Bendelle, she couldn't be more perfect. I love her little features, the little noises she makes, and I could spend all day just watching her sleep. Which she does a lot. And eat. I love the way she moves her tiny fingers and hands, like she is conducting an orchestra with her dramatic gestures. I also love how ferocious her face gets when she's hungry, right before she latches on. I love her perfect little lips, incredibly soft skin, and curious grey eyes. 

We are just getting her on a sleeping schedule and are still experimenting with how to make everyone get the best sleep possible. She is such a good baby though. She rarely cries, and if she does it is only because she's hungry or cold (when we are changing her diaper).

We love taking her on walks, which we have been doing all week, totally soaking up the beautiful weather and majestic mountains surrounding us.

I am trying to soak up every moment when she is this little (some of her newborn clothes are still too big for her!), and every leisurely moment we get to spend together as a family. This time in our lives is so perfect, and we could not feel more blessed :)

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