Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Week 2 with the babe

Week two at home has been a little bittersweet. My mom and sister left on Monday and Bendelle and I were both a little sad to see them go (at least that's what I got from her fussy mood that day). 

On the upside, I get to spend this whole week with Aaron which means everything. He's such an amazing dad and has gone out of his way to make both his ladies happy.

Flowers Aaron bought us yesterday
 Sleep has been off and on--I never really know what kind of night it will be, but obviously last night was amazing because here I am blogging :)

We are experiencing a lot of exciting firsts over here, like her first real bath, which she experienced last night after a huge spit up explosion. I went upstairs to change her diaper and was pleased to experience an easy diaper change when it happened. I was strapping on her new diaper when she started to spit up. I quickly threw her over my shoulder to burp her when she projected nasty, chunky breast milk all down my back . . . Aaron came upstairs after hearing her throw up and yelled, "Don't move!" Not only was there milk down my back but there was a stream leading down my pants to the floor. When I peeled Bendelle away from me, poor baby girl was covered and speechless. She held her hands out, her little fingers spread apart and eyes wide opened. She was in shock.
So we decided it was time for a real bath. She lost the rest of her umbilical cord when she was just six days old, but until yesterday we had stuck to just giving her sponge baths. So we busted out the bathtub and dad gave her the first bath! 
She hated it, of course.

We have been religious with our daily walks every evening. I think the fresh air is good for everyone, especially the pups. They have been so good with Bendelle and we are trying hard to still give them the attention deserve :)

We are so in love with this little human and are excited to spend this holiday season with our new little bundle of joy. In exactly one month Aaron's mom will be here for Thanksgiving, and we couldn't be more excited for her to meet her first grandchild!

Tomorrow Bendelle has her first doctor's appointment, so we are hoping for a good report. Until next time, here's some baby spam :)

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