Monday, May 5, 2014

Little Man or Little Lady?

This past week has been so exciting finding out the sex of our baby and trying to keep it a secret for just a little bit longer. Since we couldn't tell all of our family in person, we wanted to still make the gender reveal as special as possible, especially since it was such a huge deal for me to FINALLY find out. I ordered these scratch off gender reveal cards from Etsy that I thought were so adorable and affordable. They had so many to choose from, but these were just our style. I just sent off the mail today (we received the cards on Saturday) and am so excited for everyone to know the sex of little Baby G.

Last Monday was the big day. We went to an ultrasound place that specialized in gender reveals and even though they weren't medical professionals (so they couldn't answer any questions about the baby's size and development), it was still amazing to see our little one. I loved seeing Baby G in 4d, because you can really see the facial features so well. I swear I would buy an ultrasound machine just so I could watch my baby whenever I wanted. When we finally found out the sex of the baby (after a trip to the restroom and once Baby G reluctantly opened his/her legs), I was so excited I couldn't help but burst into tears.

This weekend was super fun because we were finally able to relax after a hectic week and got to visit our best friends and have an early birthday celebration with them. It really made me miss living so close to them, especially since we all lived together for two years. But of course whenever we're together it's like no time has passed and we can talk for hours (maybe weeks). Darcy and Bennet were especially excited to visit their cousin Rusty, though I think Darcy was more excited to see her auntie Mandy.

So here is my weekly update!

Unfortunately I have been posting these blurry photos from my phone. Luckily we have been taking better pictures on my camera. . . I just need to upload them!


Weight gain: 4 pounds

Symptoms: Feeling great!

Changes: My tummy is officially bulging (not quite bumping), so basically I look like I cleaned out a Yogurtland.

Clothes: Still can button my jeans but since I’m not 100% noticeably pregnant, I don’t think they look that great. Thank goodness for Spring & Summer coming up—dress season!

Sleep: Sleeping like a baby, but my oh my, these crazy dreams!

Missing: Martinis!

Cravings: Gatorade and graham crackers. I have been sticking a Gatorade in the freezer until it gets a little icy and then shake it up. It’s like a slushie & sooo good!

Best moment this week: FINDING OUT THE SEX OF OUR BABY!!! Also getting to see our best friends was pretty amazing and much needed :)

Looking forward to: Visiting Seal Beach soon. I am excited to see my mamma and sister and maybe do a little early shopping for Baby G :))

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