Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day weekend

First of all, I would like to thank the men and women who have died for our freedom and gave us all so much to be thankful for this weekend. As Zac Brown Band perfectly sings it, "Salute the ones who died/ The ones that give their lives/ So we don't have to sacrifice/ All the things we love".

This past week leading up to Memorial Day weekend has been busy but so much fun. I was really excited for my mom and step-dad to come up here and for my sister to visit us for the long weekend. She hasn't been to our place since Christmas so it was nice to finally have some quality time together at mi casa. Thursday we had a CRAZY thunder and lightening storm accompanied by rain, hail & snow. That was the day my family came up, so my sister was with me when a lightening struck in our back yard, about 10 feet away from the house, shaking the entire property. It felt like we had a ginormous earthquake and our house was going to crumble down (it was enough to wake up Aaron which is INSANE). But we survived and I am SOOO thankful none of us (or the house) were hit!

On our 6 mile hike!

After that, the weather remained cool enough for us to enjoy a gorgeous after-storm hike (which my pregnant ass was grateful for), and then got hot just in time for our weekend BBQ. I absolutely loooove barbequing (well, I love when Aaron barbeques). It was really a premature summer kick-off accompanied by family, friends and tons of puppies at our house. 

Sorry for crappy photo quality

Chilling out, enjoying the beautiful weather and Sean's music!
Not to mention there were a ton of yard sales up here, and my sister and I briefly checked out a few on Friday where I found these beautiful vintage mirrored vanities for Baby G's room. I have been keeping an eye out for them to keep on her (future) dresser/changing table so I can have her diaper cream, baby powder, and whatever else we may need in one spot, and still keep the space looking pretty and elegant. I don't know exactly what I'll use the other one for yet, but my sister informed me I would have regretted not buying both (she knows me too well).

Now for the pregnancy update!


Weight gain: 7 pounds?
Symptoms:  Little girl is like her mama, moving a mile a minute in my tummy! So happy to feel her active inside of me!!

Changes: I have nice little baby bump, and an arguable “booby do” (when you stomach sticks out further than your boobies do).

Clothes: Comfortable in boot cut jeans, tank tops, loose shirts and yoga/workout pants.

Sleep: Wondering if I will really need a pregnancy pillow in the future . . . so far I have no problems sleeping (knock on wood, I know it gets harder in the 3rd trimester).

Missing: beeer

Cravings: Seafood & iced decaf chai lattes. Mmmm

Best moment this week: Spending a long, amazing weekend with family, friends, and the love of my life!

Looking forward to: This Friday we have our 20 week anatomy ultrasound! So excited to see our little girl again and see how much she has grown!!

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