Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bubble baths & chai lattes

Week 15 in Pregnancy Land started out a little rough when at the beginning of this week I caught some type of bug or virus. For 2-3 days I had a pulsing headache and an upset stomach. I was not a happy camper and on top of it all I took a couple of ibuprofen without even thinking and was totally freaking out after reading about a thousand articles on why pregnant women shouldn't take ibuprofen. After finally getting in contact with my doctor the next day, I felt better about my one time consumption of the no-no drug, even though I still felt more anxious than ever for my next appointment! One appointment every four weeks is NOT enough sometimes.
I finally relaxed, took a bubble bath (that wasn't as scorching hot as I would have liked, so baby would be comfortable), and read.

 And for the weekly chalkboard update . . . 


Weight gain: Will find out tomorrow.

Symptoms: Aside from getting sick, feeling pretty good this week!

Changes: A bigger tummy & no more achy boobs it seems . . . welcome to the second trimester!

Clothes: If I wear jeans, must wear a very loose fitting top to avoid the chipotle burrito belly look.

Sleep: Sleep was rough this week while feeling sick.

Missing: Being able to take ibuprofen & other drugs when feeling like crap.

Cravings: Chai lattes! I bought decaf chai mix from Target this weekend which is amaaaaazing.

Best moment this week: Finally feeling better and going on a long walk with the hubby & pups on this beautiful Sunday afternoon :)

Looking forward to: Tomorrow!! I don’t think I will be able to see tonight in anticipation of finding out the sex tomorrow! It’s like Christmas Eve, that’s how excited I am.

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