Saturday, May 17, 2014

Nursery Ideas!

As week 18 is coming to an end (Monday officially marks the beginning of a new pregnancy week according to my doctor), it's crazy to think that we are almost halfway through this pregnancy!!!
For the past couple of weeks I have been building a baby registry to keep track of all our picks for Baby G. I have read HUNDREDS of reviews, and taken advice from friends and family on their favorite baby products. We registered on this site called Baby List which is basically like Pinterest and makes baby shopping even more fun than you could possibly imagine.
We haven't decided on a crib yet but I definitely know we want a white crib. 
So far this Graco crib is our favorite
We also want the nursery to be soft and feminine, and are sticking to a color theme of light pink, light grey, white and maybe touches of gold or rose gold. I want to find a vintage dresser instead of something brand new, and am still deciding whether I want to use a dresser as a changing table and also buy a pretty white bookcase, or just buy a changing table and use the dresser to display some photos, etc.

Blush and gold nursery idea.
 I know this image totally sucks (I couldn't even find the source) but I love some of these pieces.

Love this closet this couple designed for their baby

 Before we found out the sex I bought a set of three glass jars to hold things like pacifiers, headbands and bows (in case it would be a girl), and maybe booties or hats. They are not super girly since I wanted to be able to use them for a boy as well, but I think they will fit in well once we start to put together the nursery.
I'm also kind of obsessed with the idea of having a mini crystal chandelier in her room. I think it would be so beautiful and feminine. I love french empire chandeliers but Aaron made a good point that it can't hang too low since we don't have crazy high ceilings. 
Authentic Crystal Chandelier

French Empire Chandelier 

Basket Crystal Chandelier
Now for the weekly update! :)

Weight gain: 5.5 pounds
Symptoms: Finally feeling some baby kicks! So exciting to feel her move in there every once in a while!
Changes: Some days I feel more pregnant than others- like my stomach is big one day then feels smaller the next. Maybe this depends on what I eat or what I wear? I have no idea.
Clothes: I think it is about that time to buy a belly band! I can no longer button a couple of my skinny jeans, but am not quite ready for maternity clothes yet. Awkward stage.
Sleep: They really don’t lie about those crazy pregnancy dreams.
Missing: Martinis & red wine
Cravings: Seafood! Never would have thought . . .
Best moment this week: Any moment home with Aaron. I even feel like the puppies are so much happier when we are all home together.
Looking forward to: Next weekend when my mom comes and my sister stays at our place (I love having guests)! I think we might have a barbeque and have a couple of friends up too.

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