Saturday, January 31, 2015

Postpartum Wins & Losses

In order to end on a positive note, lets begin with the annoying topic of postpartum hair loss. In all fairness, I was warned that this would happen. But it didn't happen until about 2.5 months after Bendelle was born, so I thought I was one of the lucky ones and in the clear. I definitely shed a lot before I got pregnant, and my hair was definitely amazingly strong during pregnancy, but my hair now sheds more than ever before. It's the worse when Bendelle is sucking on her hands and I see a strand of hair wrapped around her little fingers. Any of you mama's who have dealt with this have a solution that worked for you?? Would love to hear it.

On the upside, I went on my first run since I was 20 weeks pregnant! I was definitely active throughout my whole pregnancy and have been active since Bendelle was born, going on long walks and short hikes with the family, but for me, working out means sweating. And it felt so good to hit the road again . . . even if I did feel a little nauseous in the beginning. I am planning on taking it slow in the running department, and make sure I am really in-tune with my body, because now I have a little one who depends on it! I think the most important thing to remember when getting back into shape after a baby is to go at your own pace and not compare yourself to friends or anyone else and how quickly they got their bod back. I saw this on Pinterest the other day, and loved it:

On a different note, my baby is almost 4 months old! And in February I will be 312 months old! Haha. I can't believe that last year at my birthday party I was hiding the fact that I was a month pregnant! I think from now on our birthdays will take the backseat, as we have a baby now and will be throwing her little parties for the next . . . who knows how many years! As long as I get to be with family and my sister makes me the best chocolate cake I have ever tasted in the world, I will be more than happy.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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