Tuesday, January 13, 2015

3 months my mini

My little mini is 3 months old! Being a mom is definitely the hardest but most rewarding job I have ever experienced. I love this new chapter of our lives and feel blessed that I have someone I am truly in love with to be part of this adventure with me.

So at 3 months Bendelle is a big talker--at least she thinks so. ;) I love her attempts to talk and can't imagine when (real) words start spilling out of her mouth! She says "mama" a lot (usually when she's crying). And although I've been repeating it to her (a bagillion times) and got really excited when I heard her say it, I'm aware she has no idea what it means.

She is more interactive now than ever, and I love that she is starting to play with her toys and reach for things. It also means she gets bored very quickly, so we are constantly bouncing around from station to station. Earlier today we played with her little piano Aaron and I gave her for Christmas. It was fun watching and hearing her play press the little keys.

More than anything she loves looking at herself in the mirror. Most of the time she loves her playmat because it is so interactive, but as I mentioned before she usually only lasts about 10-15 minutes at any given station. She does not like to sit still, and prefers if we hold her and dance around the house 24/7. I am convinced this is how I will lose those last 3 pounds pregnancy gifted me.

She has really always had great eye contact, and I love that about her. She is so alert all the time and just seems wise beyond her months.

And although I love her so, sooo much, I have to admit (I think anyone who really knows her would admit) that she is a colicky little baby. But you know what? It just makes me even more grateful for all the moments she is happy and content.

Aaron and I had a wonderful weekend together. We were able to go on nice family walks, spend a day being productive down in the desert, and cooked a couple of gourmet meals together. We made a Mediterranean halibut one night and a halibut piccatta the following night. It was sooooooooooo bomb. I seriously could eat the piccatta every night. 

Annnd dessert!

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