Tuesday, June 17, 2014

All baby everything

I literally have to pull myself away from the computer some days so I don't go into debt buying baby girl a beautiful wardrobe and accessories. But when I do come across great buys, I let myself slip every once in a while ;)
Lately I have been scoping out Zulily and Etsy for all things baby girl. Here are a few of my favorite finds so far:
baby leggings - I'm OBSESSED! From Zulily

love these chevron anchor leggings/pants form Zulily

I'm sure we will get a ton of bibs, but I couldn't resist these.

Love these sparkly flat from Zulily
Can't get enough of these knotted headbands from Etsy.
Pregnancy update :)

Weight gain: 11 pounds
Symptoms: Same lovely movements :)
Changes: Loving my ever-expanding baby bump!
Clothes: Living in jean shorts and comfy workout clothes (now if I could just work out every time I wore them . . .)
Sleep: Sleeping like a baby with my baby
Missing: Vino!
Cravings: Desserts & halibut
Best moment this week: Relaxing with the hubby this weekend and doing household jobs/chores here and there. It’s the little things, ya know?
Looking forward to: BBQ this weekend, especially since my sister is coming and Aaron is excited to host another event.

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