Monday, June 2, 2014

Halfway there!

As I enter my 21st week, it is so crazy to think that I am a little over halfway through this pregnancy! I think once we announced we were expecting, time started to fly by (waiting 14 weeks felt like FOR-EV-ER).
Belly progress over the weeks:

We had lots of baby events this week (I guess you could call them). I had to give blood for more testing (no one tells you how often you have to get blood taken when you're pregnant!), and Aaron and I got to see our little Bumpkin again during the anatomy ultrasound. It was great seeing her again, watching her move around like crazy, and getting to have a few pictures of her as well. It was a relief (I know I'm crazy) to confirm that she is still a GIRL. I don't know why I was so paranoid she wouldn't be-maybe because we announced it to all our friends and family and already bought some adorable outfits that just wouldn't work for a little boy. I also went to Home Depot and bought a couple of sample paint colors for her nursery. As I shared my vision of the nursery before, I want to stick with a light grey, light pink and white/cream nursery with pops of gold and/or rosegold. I definitely knew I wanted a light grey color paint for the nursery walls and I narrowed my search down to these two colors:
They looked way similar on the paint swatch paper, but once the primer was added and the paint hit the wall, you definitely see more of their individual color (this is why you should ALWAYS sample paint before you buy a couple of gallons). That being said, we are going with the color on the left! It is such a pretty and bright grey, I am so happy with my find :)
Weekly pregnancy update!
Weight gain: 8-9 pounds. I feel like since week 18 I’ve been gaining at least a pound a week.
Symptoms:  Still lots of movement in the belly!
Changes: Feeling even more tired now than ever.
Clothes: Jeans & tank tops!
Sleep: I’m getting tired very early these days, so sleep great.
Missing: Martinis
Cravings: Desserts :0
Best moment this week: Going to our 20 week anatomy ultrasound appointment! It was great to see our like squirmy worm again and having a few more pictures of her!
Looking forward to: My next checkup this week and having my sister come over again on Thursday!

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