Sunday, August 16, 2015

10 months

She is so big, my little one.

I can't believe she is standing, so eager to walk (but that's nothing new) ;) She loves to be surrounded by people and craves her freedom. She is happiest when she can roam freely and explore the things she knows she probably shouldn't be playing with. She is wild and brave. She's fearless, like I think a baby should be.

She is our little mountain climber--there isn't a flight of stairs that she would hesitate taking on. And she scales them fast, and is eager to do it again and again.
Looking back at the first couple of months of her life, it doesn't even seem like that delicate little baby in the pictures is really her. But then I'll look at a photo and catch a glimpse of that curiosity that sparkles in her eyes, and I'm reminded that this is the same girl--big personality compacted in a tiny little body that is rapidly growing.

She loves to open cupboards (and empty them), stand up in her bath, dig through the fridge and will play in any water she can get her hands in (which means the poor pups are constantly missing their water dish). She is such a rascal, and oh-so feisty! 

My heart is so full of love for her and it is such an overwhelmingly wonderful feeling. More than ever I have just wanted to hit pause and enjoy every moment of this age together as much as I can. Having a child really is a roller coaster of emotions (and I know I'm just at the beginning), and it is something that as best as I try, I can't describe the beauty of it.  I will never take being a mother for granted. Ever. It is the greatest gift I have ever been given. And I feel so blessed that I have an incredible man by my side to raise her with. 

This is happiness in its truest form. This is what life is all about. 


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